'Til Death

Episode 1.13 : Fight Friend

  • 'Til Death
    • Episode Premiere : January 18, 2007
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2006 - 2010
    • Production Company: Sony Pictures TV
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/tildeath/

Cast and Crew

  • Director Rob Schiller
  • Screenwriter Vijal M. Patel
  • Main Cast

  • Additional Cast
    • Margaret Cho,
    • Jerry Lambert,
    • Todd Sherry,
    • Will Sasso as Russ

The Story

Eddie comes home from work to find Joy cooking breakfast for dinner. She goes to get something out of the freezer and has to chip away at ice to get any food out. She tells Eddie she really wants a new freezer but Eddie nixes the idea. Joy brings up the idea of going to a marriage workshop, but Eddie does not want to do it. Joy says that she thinks it would be a good idea and that it's only a four Saturday commitment.

At the school, Eddie is grading papers and Jeff mentions that Steph spends money like crazy. He also tells Eddie that they got into a fight and by then end of the fight, Steph agreed to spend less money. But then after going to a yoga class with a friend, Steph came home and said that she has the right to half the money because they are married even though Jeff earns the money. Eddie tells Jeff that he has just been the victim of a "fight friend". Eddie explains a fight friends is someone your wife runs to during an fight to reload with new arguments. Jeff decides to nip things in the bud with Steph.

At Joy's job at the travel agency, she and her coworker Nicole are finalizing trip details for an elderly couple. Eddie comes in to surprise Joy for lunch and to apologize for not wanting to go to the marriage workshop. Eddie says also greets Nicole and tells her to say hi to her husband for him. Joy says that there might be a larger problem in their marriage because he doesn't want to go to the marriage workshop. Nicole agrees with her and Eddie gets mad because Joy has found a new fight friend.

At Jeff's house, Steph is on her way to yoga and asks Jeff for some money to get yogurt afterwards so he gives her $20. Steph opens up her mail to find a birthday card from her grandma with $100 in it. She pockets the $100 and Jeff gets mad because he thought money was supposed to be 50/50. Steph says she gets the money and says she's going to yoga with her friends Mandy. Jeff says he is not going to let her go to yoga with her fight friend. Steph gets mad and goes to yoga anyway.

Eddie is eating with Cofeld, Nicole's husband, at Lee's Hoagie House. Eddie is complaining about having to go to the marriage workshop. He blames Cofeld's wife for putting the idea in Joy's head. Cofeld comes up with the idea to tell Joy that the New York Times said marriage counseling is bad for marriages. Eddie likes the idea and asks Cofeld to come home with him to back him up in front of Joy, but Cofeld is scared. Eddie convinces him regardless.

Eddie and Cofeld arrive at Eddie's house to find Joy hanging out with Nicole. Eddie tells Joy that he too has a fight friend and that Cofeld is going to help him in his fight. He then tells Joy that the New York Times told him that marriage counseling is bad for marriages. Joy and Eddie start fighting with Nicole and Cofeld backing them up respectively. After some nasty comments by the ladies, Cofeld tells Eddie to give up. Eddie, not wanting to give up, makes a last ditch effort to get Nicole out of the picture and tells Nicole that Cofeld thinks she's fat. Nicole goes crazy and starts yelling at him in Korean. Nicole runs out of the house with Cofeld running after her apologizing.

Joy can't believe Eddie threw Cofeld under the bus like that and realizes Eddie is desperate to get out of the workshop. Joy capitulates and tells Eddie that they don't have to go to the airport. Joy says their biggest problem is the refrigerator so Eddie agrees to buy her a new one.

Cofeld is over later and is appreciating Eddie's new fridge when Jeff comes over and tells them that he now hangs out with Steph and her fight friend because the fight friend told Steph to give Jeff some of the money. Eddie tells Jeff that he is being tricked by Steph into being nice to her. He tells him not to hang out with the fight friend. Then, Joy walks in and tells Eddie how she tricked him into buying her a new fridge by pretending to want to go to a marriage workshop.






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