Episode 8.15-16 : 6:00 AM-8:00 AM

  • 24
    • Episode Premiere : April 05, 2010
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
    • Seasons : 8
    • Show Period : 2001 - 2010
    • Production Company: Imagine Ent., Fox TV, Real Time
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/24/

Cast and Crew

The Story

6:00am - 7:00am

Rob Weiss checks an ailing Ethan Kanin's pulse, then leaves Kanin in his office, locking the door behind him. Weiss reiterates to General Brucker that Kanin needs immediate medical attention, but Brucker again refuses until the mission is complete. They enter the Situation Room, where President Taylor is preparing an address. She wants Kanin to read it. Weiss pauses for a moment, then says he'll go find him. It's ten minutes until the dirty bomb is scheduled to go off. The President is awaiting Hassan's arrival.

However, Hassan has other ideas. He cannot stomach the idea of saving his life at the cost of so many others. Dalia tries to persuade him that he's the best hope of ending hostilities. As Jack stuffs Bishop into a storage room, saying that Bishop's wounds are slowing them down, Hassan grabs a crowbar and attacks Jack. At gunpoint, he frees Bishop and locks his family and Renee in the storage room with Jack. Hassan plans to turn himself over to the terrorists in order to save the citizens of New York. Jack shouts that he can't trust them, but it's too late. Hassan leaves with Bishop.

Hassan and Bishop emerge onto a busy New York street. Hassan gazes at all the pedestrians rushing past, the sweep and bustle of life. Bishop says that these people owe him their lives, and he's doing the right thing. They get into a SUV, and as they drive off, Bishop calls Brucker, who conferences Samir into the call. Hassan wants assurances that Samir will stop the bomb. Samir simply yells to do exactly as he says and hangs up. Still, Samir keeps his word. He calls a sweating Tarin and has him stop the bomb with only seven seconds left on the clock.

At CTU, Chloe gets a call from Jack, telling her what happened and to keep it a secret until she can get him a line to the President. Jack has Renee take Dalia and Kayla to Taylor while he looks for Hassan. Chloe calls back with the White House. Jack asks her to get a feed from the security camera where they've emerged onto the street and roll it back to find where Hassan may be. As President Taylor again asks Weiss to find Kanin, her phone rings. Jack tells her about Brucker's treasonous plan, and he needs to know where the exchange is taking place.

Chloe has tracked the SUV bearing Bishop and Hassan to the upper west side. As Jack heads for the area, Bishop arrives at the exchange site. Tarin calls Hassan, and Hassan recognizes his voice, though he doesn't identify himself. Instead, Tarin asks for Bishop while dropping a set of keys on the sidewalk. Watching from a distance, Tarin directs Bishop across the street, telling him not to turn around. Tarin gets into the SUV and drives off with Hassan. Bishop finds the keys and Tarin's van, with the bomb, around the corner.

Secret Service Agent Hoskins informs the President that Brucker and Weiss are in Kanin's office. They've both betrayed her. The Secret Service break into Kanin's office, where Brucker and Weiss are placed under arrest. Kanin is barely alive. As military paramedics begin to work on him, Taylor demands Weiss tell her where Hassan is. He refuses, and is certain he's done the right thing. He's saved New York and given her plausible deniability. She's enraged because he has endangered the peace process. Taylor reminds him that the penalty for treason is death, but it's not too late if he'll just tell her where Hassan is. Just then, Weiss' phone buzzes with a text from Bishop. The swap is complete. They have the bomb, and a team is dispatched to disarm it.

Hastings briefs CTU on the current situation and they try to track Bishop's SUV. Dana attempts to slip away, but Chloe snaps at her to remain at her station. Meanwhile, Jack has arrived at the bomb site and watches as the bomb is defused and Bishop is arrested. Bishop thinks he's done the right thing, but Jack says he betrayed his President and his country.

Chloe calls Jack. They've located Hassan, and the President wants him to lead the operation to recover him. Jack needs Cole's help. Dana uses this as an excuse to leave her station. She tries to call Tarin, but Cole arrives and she has to hang up. He asks what happened with the probation officer, and Dana says he finally left.

In the SUV, Hassan explains to Tarin that he was trying to make their country stronger. An angry Tarin says that he was planning to hand them over to the Americans, and that Hassan only cared about personal glory. He watched as Hassan betrayed his wife with a "Western whore." Hassan admits to making mistakes, but Tarin cannot win. Others will finish what he's started. "Think what you like," says Tarin. "You won't be around to find out."

As Kanin is loaded into an ambulance, Taylor whispers to him that she needs him now. Dalia and Kayla arrive with Renee, who asks to be sent to CTU. The President complies. As Dalia and Kayla join Taylor in observing the satellite tracking of Bishop's SUV, Jack closes in with Cole's help.

Dana makes an excuse to leave her station, saying she's checking the trunk line. She goes to the server room and sets up a laptop that's monitoring the satellite feed. Suddenly, Arlo enters. She closes the monitor's window, but he's seen it. She's suspiciously sitting on the opposite end of the room from the trunk line. Arlo sits at her laptop to check up on her computer activity and Dana sneaks up on him with a piece of wire. As she's about to strangle him, Arlo gets a call from Hastings summoning him back to the floor. Arlo tells Dana he'll leave her to do whatever she was doing. Finally alone, Dana retrieves the satellite feed and phones Tarin to warn him about CTU. She directs him to a parking garage. Dana plans to call Samir and then get out of CTU before she's caught.

Jack gets Bishop's SUV in sight just as Tarin swerves into the parking garage. Jack traps him on the roof, causing Tarin to drive the SUV over the ledge and plummet four stories. Jack hurries down to find Tarin dead and Hassan gone. Unbeknownst to Jack, Hassan is bundled into the trunk of a blue Honda, sedated and unconscious. One of Samir's soldiers addresses a woman in a blonde wig, telling her she knows where to go.

Jack locates Tarin's phone. He tells Renee that there must be a mole inside CTU; as soon as Chloe gets an uplink to the phone, they can find out who it is. Until then, nobody else can know. He hangs up as, unobserved by Jack, the mysterious woman drives away.

7:00am - 8:00am

Dana goes to leave CTU, but due to the EMP attack, nobody can get in or out without being personally cleared by Hastings. Meanwhile, Chloe tries to track the blue car carrying Hassan, but it's off the grid. Hastings tells President Taylor that Hassan was likely switched to another car. Taylor thinks they must have another agenda.

Russian Foreign Minister Mikhail Novakovich notes to President Taylor that if Hassan dies, Russia will pull out of the peace agreement. Taylor accuses him of hoping for that outcome; the Russians have been searching for any excuse to pull out of the accord. Novakovich calls this a baseless accusation, and Taylor apologizes for speaking harshly, but makes it clear she still expects his support.

As Chloe and Renee begin to download Tarin's cell phone record from Jack to find the mole, Dana asks Hastings for access to his workstation, claiming she wants to check that it's been reset properly after the EMP; it'll only take a couple of minutes. Hastings agrees, and Dana furtively works to program her passkey to clear her exit from the building. Hastings joins Chloe and Renee on the floor, who tell him Jack's theory about the mole within CTU. They check the cell phone records and find that the phone was Dana's. Hastings looks up to his office; Dana is gone.

Dana sets out to leave but when the security guard checks her passkey, the computer signals a red alert. As he's about to arrest Dana, she draws a gun and shoots him and the other converging guards. As she tries to escape, Hastings tells a horrified Cole that Dana's been working with the terrorists all along. Dana gets pinned down and caught in the parking garage. Cole holds a gun to her head, screaming "Who are you?" Hastings gets a shaking Cole to back down, then has Dana arrested. Dana won't tell where Hassan is; instead, she insists on talking to Jack Bauer.

Cole tells Hastings about Dana's past as Jenny Scott, but thinks it's not relevant to finding Hassan. Neither is his mysterious AWOL from earlier relevant. He begs to be kept in the field, but Hastings needs people he can trust. He orders Cole to give a complete debriefing.

Jack arrives and meets with Dana in the interrogation room. Dana won't talk unless she gets immunity and compensation. When they catch the IRK agents, they can retrieve their cash. Dana wants her share. Jack wants proof, but Dana says Hassan will be dead in a half hour. She suggests Jack head the operation to recover Hassan. Jack thinks she's hiding something; it's not just about money.

The blue Honda arrives at a tenement building and Hassan is marched up the stairs. As they enter the hideout of Samir and Ahman, the woman removes her blonde wig. Ahman wants to kill Hassan now, before he can be found and rescued, but Samir would rather Hassan confess his crimes and renounce his lies. Hassan is bound to a chair and Samir asks if he remembers him. He served under Hassan in the Revolutionary Guard. He was a great leader then. What happened? Hassan asks if Samir recalls a particular battle, one the generals did not think he could win. He was confident he could and he lead them to victory. Hassan believes in the peace accord just as strongly. Samir strikes Hassan and tells him he will record an apology to his people and renounce the peace accord. Hassan says that will never happen. Samir begins preparations to torture him. A syringe is plunged into Hassan's neck.

President Taylor signs Dana's immunity agreement, then speaks to a recovering Ethan Kanin at the infirmary. She wonders if whoever might succeed Hassan in death will be someone she can deal with. Kanin says that the IRK constitution is vague about succession of power, and that Hassan barely managed to get consensus on the accord during his own administration. Kanin counsels her to simply let CTU do their job and rescue Hassan.

Hastings informs an outraged Cole about Dana's immunity. He also lets him know that Jack wants Cole on the team to recover Hassan, but that Dana is briefing that team. Can he handle it? Cole says he can, and Hastings hands him back his gun. Meanwhile, Dana tells Jack that Samir has about six men left because Jack killed the rest. Samir is hiding in a tenement filled with families so he can use them as human shields should he be found. As Dana is taken back to holding, she and Cole coldly lock eyes.

Samir tasers Hassan repeatedly, but cannot get him to read the confession. So Samir dons a ski mask and says he will tell the world of Hassan's crimes and then carry out his sentence. As the video camera is readied, President Taylor tells Dalia and Kayla that Hassan has been found and that CTU is preparing to go in. Yet the internet video feed starts. She sees Hassan with Samir, who is reading the list of charges.

At CTU, Chloe uses the light on Hassan's face to determine that he's in an east-facing apartment on the fourth floor. Jack's team is in place. He warns them to be silent; they need to catch the terrorists by surprise. Jack then asks Renee to be on the assault team, but only if she'll promise to stay behind him and do exactly as he says. She agrees, and he kisses her.

They enter the building, not knowing who is a hostile and who is an innocent. One man in the hallway laconically ignores Jack's command in Arabic to get down. Jack shoots him. When Jack searches the man's body, it transpires that he did indeed have a gun. On the fourth floor, they hear Samir reading the statement and enter the apartment, where they find a child and her mother. Renee and Jack tell them to keep quiet. Jack, following the sound of Samir's voice, opens her closet. He finds a hidden passageway in the back of the closet. Renee notices a blonde wig on the floor. She whirls around and finds the "mother" -- actually the woman from the blue Honda -- aiming a gun at her. Renee quickly gets the first shot and kills her.

Renee joins Jack, and they burst into Samir's hideout with a spray of bullets. Samir and his men are shot and killed, but Samir's voice continues reading his statement. Jack and Renee find Hassan already dead. His throat has been slashed. The video is playing on a computer monitor. They're too late. The video was prerecorded; he's been dead all along. Jack kneels before Hassan's body, takes his head in his hands, closes Hassan's eyes, and whispers, "I'm sorry."

In the Situation Room, President Taylor and Tim Woods watch in horror as the video shows President Hassan's throat being cut. Jack reports to Hastings that Hassan is dead and the video was on a tape delay. A numb, shaken and grieving Taylor tells Tim Woods to call CTU and find out what the hell happened. She then steels herself and goes into the next room, where Dalia and Kayla are waiting. The President informs them that they were too late and couldn't save Hassan. Kayla cries into her mother's arms as Dalia stares at the Taylor in stunned disbelief.






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