Episode 7.10 : 5:00 P.M. - 6:00 P.M.

  • 24
    • Episode Premiere : February 23, 2009
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
    • Seasons : 7
    • Show Period : 2001 - 2010
    • Production Company: Imagine Ent., Fox TV, Real Time
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/24/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Erika confronts Sean; she's discovered that he issued the warrant on Jack and Renee's vehicle. He said he did it to sideline them so Dubaku could get away, and not to worry, he has things under control. Meanwhile, Agent Walker berates Jack for thinking of Marika as an asset rather than as a human being. They have to protect her.

At that moment, Marika meets with Dubaku, who reveals he knows she's been working with the FBI. He destroys her cell phone - and then forgives her. He tells her the FBI showed her lies; he brought peace to Sangala. He convinces her to come with him. Jack and Renee are finally released by the D.C. police, and they resume their pursuit; though the cell phone signal is gone, Chloe gets an image on satellite. Jack drives straight through a city park to catch up with Dubaku, but they end up cut off by traffic. As Marika realizes the FBI won't be rescuing her, she suddenly grabs the wheel. Dubaku's van swerves wildly, then flips over.

As Jack and Renee race towards the vehicle, it explodes. Jack wants to get Dubaku, but Renee pulls her gun on Jack to force him to help her free Marika from the wreckage. Dubaku is badly injured; Marika is dead.

As President Taylor agonizes over her guilt for what happened to Henry, Bill Buchanan reports on the situation with Dubaku; if he dies, their chances of uncovering the conspiracy die with him. Bill urges her to return to the White House for her own safety; her daughter will also be re-routed there.

As the EMTs work on Dubaku, Jack makes them revive him. Jack threatens to torture Dubaku's family if he doesn't give up the names of everybody involved; Dubaku agrees, but passes out. As the EMTs work on him, they detect something metal under his skin. Jack demands he be cut open then and there, and a computer chip is found. Jack calls Larry Moss and says he thinks he found the list, but it's not a sort of drive he's ever seen before -- he can't directly upload it. Instead, Jack gives it to a chopper pilot and tells him to put it directly into Moss' hands. Sean, who can listen in on every phone conversation at the FBI offices, tells a panicking Erika there's a situation -- their names are on that list -- but he's got it under control. As soon as Chloe downloads the information, he's going to crash the entire system from the mainframe room and force every computer to completely reformat, wiping them all clean. He needs Erika to help bypass all the safety protocols. She agrees.

At the hospital, as Dubaku is being operated on, an officer gives Renee a plastic bag with Marika's personal effects. She doesn't understand how Jack can just do what's "necessary." Is it really that easy for him? Meanwhile, Chloe receives the drive and recognizes it as a PX-3. They only have one shot at downloading it, because it has an auto-erase function.

In the mainframe room, Erika panics for a moment, then remembers how to bypass the security protocols. The system crash begins, and Chloe is powerless to stop it. She and Moss race for the mainframe room. Erika confirms to Sean that the reformat was successful. He kisses her -- then shoots her point blank. He then shoots himself in the arm and throws the gun over to Erika's body. When security arrives with Chloe and Moss, he claims that everything was Erika's doing; he tried to stop her. Chloe confirms that the servers have been wiped clean; Dubaku's files are gone. However, it soon transpires that Chloe has recovered the files; she was running a mirror file on an off-site server. Sean tries to escape before his name is found on the list, but he's too late, and he is arrested by an angry and betrayed Moss.

Rosa arrives at the hospital and is horrified to find that her sister Marika is dead. She accuses a tearful Renee of killing her. Jack, who just got off the phone with Bill, tells Renee they did what they had to do, and now it's over -- the list was recovered and arrests are being made. Renee thinks Jack sounds inhuman. Doesn't he feel anything? When his wife died, did he feel that? She slaps his face, asking if he can feel it. She then collapses, sobbing, onto his shoulder. He tries to comfort her by telling her she'll learn to live with it. Disgusted again, she says she doesn't want to learn to live with it. He then tells her that if she ever pulls her gun on him again, as she did by Dubaku's van, she'd better intend to use it. "I did," she says.

At the White House, President Taylor is reunited with her long-estranged daughter, Olivia. She tells her that her father is in critical condition; the bullet went through his lung. Olivia wants to go to the hospital to be with him, but the President won't let her; she won't risk anything happening to Olivia as well. They nearly get into an argument, but Bill Buchanan interrupts. He tells the President that they have Dubaku's list, and he asks her to talk to Senator Mayer about Jack; he doesn't deserve to spend his life in prison just because the Senator is on a personal crusade. The President doesn't promise anything, but says she'll think about it.

Jack sits on the steps of the Capitol building; Tony Almeida joins him. He warns Jack that it's not over; an attack is planned in D.C. -- not by Dubaku, but by Juma, who is panicking as he realizes that he's about to lose control of Sangala. He wants to strike at the U.S. to rally his people behind him. He's telling Jack rather than the FBI because the attack is coming at nineteen-hundred hours and there isn't time to wade through the FBI's procedures and protocols. The target is high profile and the attack will be high impact. One of the people involved is Ryan Burnett -- Senator Mayer's Chief of Staff. Tony's certain that the Senator himself is not involved. Jack says that Burnett's on Dubaku's list; they'll need to get to Burnett before the authorities do. Tony's already got a tail on Burnett, and asks for Jack's help.

Senator Mayer tells Burnett he's going to the White House because the President wants to speak to him about Jack Bauer. He doesn't like the timing of it. He wants Burnett to come with him. As Burnett gathers his laptop, his cell phone beeps. There's a text message: "Units in place. Operation on schedule."






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