24 Episode 5.10 Day 5: 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
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24 Episode 5.10 Day 5: 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Episode Premiere
Feb 27, 2006
Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Production Company
Imagine Ent., Fox TV, Real Time
Official Site
Episode Premiere
Feb 27, 2006
Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
2001 - 2010
Production Co
Imagine Ent., Fox TV, Real Time
Fox TV
Official Site
Tim Iacofano
Joel Surnow, Michael Loceff
Main Cast
Additional Cast
  • Pia Artesona
  • Danielle Burgio
  • Sky Soleil
  • Alex Kuznetsov

4:00 P.M.

Bierko watches on television as the motorcade proceeds on schedule. His men prepare a missile to attack the Russian president's car.

4:01 P.M.

Logan and Novick review a threat assessment that pinpoints the likely spot of attack on the motorcade. Logan realizes that he will have to explain to the world why the Russian president was attacked on U.S. soil right after they signed a terrorism treaty. He becomes flustered when he finds out that Martha got in the car with the Suvarovs. He can't warn the Secret Service because that will lead the terrorists to set off the nerve gas.

4:04 P.M.

Martha is distracted as she rides with the Suvarovs. The President calls her in the car. She pretends to make idle chatter while Logan orders her to be picked up by the Secret Service because he cannot order the motorcade back. She refuses to get out and hangs up on him.

4:06 P.M.

Logan is desperate to save his wife. Novick fears that Martha will tell the Suvarovs the truth, exposing that the White House gave them up to the terrorists. He asks the President whether they should summon the motorcade back. Logan doesn't answer.

4:07 P.M.

Audrey whispers to Edgar to meet her in the server room and not tell anyone where he is going. McGill sees Audrey leave and he questions Edgar, who covers. McGill orders that everything the staff is working on be mirrored to his system.

4:08 P.M.

Audrey and Chloe sneak into the server room. Chloe tells her that Jack wouldn't say how he knows Henderson. Audrey calls Jack, who is on his way to Omicron. He needs help accessing the building, and he explains that Henderson was the agent who recruited Jack to CTU. Things ended badly between them when Jack was involved in an internal investigation where Henderson was implicated and lost his job. Jack is sure that if Omicron was involved in making Sentox gas, then Henderson would know about it.

4:09 P.M.

Edgar enters the server room, but he is worried about getting caught. Audrey and Chloe say that they are helping Jack find the nerve gas behind McGill's back. They want Edgar to cover for Chloe.

4:10 P.M.

Logan is upset, and wants to convince Bierko to wait until Martha is out of the car. Logan is afraid of losing his wife. Since CTU has no other leads on the nerve gas, their only choice is to either save the Suvarovs and Martha or allow the nerve gas to be released on the American public.

4:12 P.M.

Martha nervously asks Agent Pierce if there have been any changes to the route. He says that nothing has been revised. She tells the Suvarovs that she is only worried about traffic.

4:17 P.M.

McGill fires a techie for doing a task not within the scope of finding the nerve gas. He then notices that Chloe is not at her desk.

4:18 P.M.

Audrey and Chloe get Jack access to Omicron as a scheduled appointment. McGill finds them and Audrey lies, saying she asked Chloe for help on a Defense assignment. McGill is adamant that Audrey go through him for these requests. Chloe quickly finishes with Jack and returns to her workstation.

4:19 P.M.

Jack enters Omicron, giving his thumbprint at the entry gate. His photo shows up as the man with the appointment. He is granted entry.

4:20 P.M.

Jack hears Henderson's voice on speaker phone from an office. Jack asks the secretary where the restroom is, but garners her name from the desk nameplate. He then calls Audrey from his cell and has her distract the secretary. Audrey looks up the woman's direct dial and pretends to be in another department. She asks the woman to come to her office.

4:21 P.M.

After the secretary steps out, Jack enters Henderson's office. Henderson is waiting there with a stun gun and knocks him out. Realizing that he knows Jack, Henderson revives him but takes Jack's gun from him. "I never believed you were dead," he says. Jack explains that Omicron manufactured the nerve gas that has been stolen by the terrorists. Henderson, blanching at the accusation, counters that the gas they developed was for the military, who destroyed it all. Henderson is shocked to find out it that his company's Sentox gas killed eleven people earlier in the mall.

4:23 P.M.

Henderson swears to Jack that he wasn't involved, but Jack can't afford to believe him just yet. Henderson hands Jack back his gun. Jack wants to see the bunker where the nerve gas was made. Henderson is reluctant, but agrees to take him. Henderson grabs a metal file box on his way out.

4:29 P.M.

Edgar sneaks to Chloe's desk and tells her that he keeps seeing numbers in the NSA terrorist chatter. They correspond to the highways that the Russian president is taking to the airport. Chloe and Edgar bring this revelation to McGill, but he dismisses the claim because it has nothing to do with the nerve gas. Chloe asks whether they can at least notify the Secret Service or devote some limited resources to following up. McGill angrily refuses. Curtis suggests to McGill that they do something about the intelligence.

4:30 P.M.

Bierko assures his men in the field that the motorcade is still on course. He wants the nerve gas canisters to be armed in case things don't go as planned.

4:31 P.M.

Audrey tries to convince McGill that the chatter might be connected to the nerve gas. McGill is furious. He doesn't want CTU to be the source of any more mistakes. Curtis and the team overhear him threaten to have Audrey removed.

4:32 P.M.

Audrey leaves McGill's office and sends an instant message to Chloe and Edgar, asking them to meet her in the corridor.

4:33 P.M.

Audrey tells them that she wants to notify the Secret Service, but that they won't act upon it unless McGill verifies the information. Chloe will hack into McGill's system, but she needs Edgar to cover for her. Edgar is afraid that what they are doing is illegal, but he goes along with the plan.

4:34 P.M.

Audrey pulls Curtis aside and they both agree that McGill is a problem. She believes they need Buchanan back on the floor, and she wants second-in-command Curtis to invoke a rule that declares McGill mentally unfit to continue in the job. He is tentative.

4:35 P.M.

Logan is resigned to the fact that he is allowing his own wife to be murdered. He could not risk the lives of thousands of Americans to save the Russian president, and he cannot do the same to save Martha. Logan asks Novick to pray with him.

4:38 P.M.

As they attempt to work, Chloe and Edgar's computers are cut off. McGill comes in with guards to arrest them for unauthorized access to his system. He orders Curtis to remove Audrey from CTU. When Curtis refuses, McGill demands that he be detained as well. Curtis threatens to draw his weapon, and McGill tells the guards to shoot him if he does so. Curtis is forced to invoke the mental stability clause removing McGill from command. The guards take McGill away, and Curtis alerts Division that Buchanan will be reinstated.

4:45 P.M.

Curtis briefs Buchanan about what they have uncovered with Jack's progress. He undoes all of McGill's recent activities. They notify Secret Service of the threat to the motorcade.

4:46 P.M.

Buchanan calls the President with news of a possible attack on Suvarov. Logan becomes silent. Novick tells Buchanan that the First Lady is also in the limousine. There is nothing that Logan can do to change the course of events now.

4:47 P.M.

As the motorcade makes its way near the terrorists post, Agent Pierce gets word of the attack. He calls in an alert and the motorcade is quickly turned around. The terrorists see this and begin firing. They launch a missile at the presidential car. Since the vehicle is armored at the highest level, Martha and the Suvarovs are alive but trapped inside.

4:48 P.M.

The armed terrorists surround the limo but they cannot open it. They spray it with bullets to no avail. A flamethrower has no success penetrating it either. Agent Pierce, who was knocked unconscious, wakes up and opens the car door. He kills the terrorists standing outside the car with only a few shots. The police arrive.

4:49 P.M.

Logan is relieved to find out that Martha and the Suvarovs have survived the attack because of CTU's intervention. Yet Bierko won't understand that the President kept his end of the bargain. They expect him to retaliate.

4:54 P.M.

Henderson takes Jack into the Omicron bunker where the Sentox gas was made. He doesn't know who within his company worked on the project. They talk about CTU as they wait for the files to come up on the lab computer. Henderson maintains that he was framed in the CTU whistleblower investigation that Jack was a part of. Henderson is still bothered that Jack never believed he was innocent. Henderson find files showing that the three lead scientists on Sentox were killed in freak accidents.

4:57 P.M.

Henderson leaves the bunker to go to the IT department for help sending the files to CTU. Jack tries to call CTU but the phone doesn't work. He realizes that Henderson has locked him inside alone. Jack looks at the metal file box that Henderson left behind. There is a bomb inside. "How could I be so stupid?" Jack whispers to himself.

Henderson walks out of Omicron and phones someone. He says that, based on what Jack revealed, CTU doesn't have enough information to pin it on them. In one minute, Jack will be killed.

4:58 P.M.

Jack scrambles to find a way out, but he is sealed in the bunker. He carefully puts the bomb in the corridor, closes the lab door and moves a file cabinet in front of it.

When he has driven far enough away, Henderson detonates the bomb with a remote. It explodes the bunker door, destroying most of the lab. Jack climbs up from the floor panel where he was hiding and crawls out among the rubble.

4:59 P.M.

Logan questions whether they should play up the fact that Martha was in the Suvarovs' car to undermine any connection to his duplicity. Bierko calls on Cummings' cell. Logan swears to him that he didn't notify anyone, but Bierko doesn't accept this. He bluntly states that Russia's new ally, the United States, will pay with the lives of its citizens. Bierko labels this as their last conversation and he hangs up.