Episode 4.22 : Day 4: 4:00 A.M.-5:00 A.M.

  • 24
    • Episode Premiere : May 16, 2005
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2001 - 2010
    • Production Company: Imagine Ent., Fox TV, Real Time
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/24/

Cast and Crew

The Story

4:00 A.M.

Since it has stealth technology, the missile can't be traced. Michelle figures out that the target might be anywhere in the continental United States.

4:01 A.M.

Jack informs the White House that he is unsure if Marwan can be broken. Palmer and Novick discuss the possibility that Washington is the target. Palmer instructs Novick to move the high-ranking government officials to safe houses, but not tell them why. They need this to remain a secret until Jack finds out more.

4:04 A.M.

With time slipping away, Jack confronts Marwan to find out what he had hoped to accomplish. Marwan feels that he has already achieved what he set out to do -- let the American people know that they cannot intervene in other countries with impunity. Marwan says that the President only sees him as evil."As you see us,"Jack replies.

4:06 A.M.

Edgar shows Chloe calls pulled up on Marwan's cell phone. One is from Heller's son, Richard, who called a week ago.

4:07 A.M.

Chloe tells Buchanan and his staff about the connection with Richard Heller. She alerts the field teams near Richard's house to pick him up. Buchanan says he will call Secretary Heller.

4:08 A.M.

Tony lets Audrey know about Richard, but she refuses to believe that her brother might be linked to a terrorist. Meanwhile, Jack and Curtis get news of the Richard Heller connection. Jack wants to take Marwan back to CTU immediately.

4:09 A.M.

As the agents load Marwan into the SUV, a rocket-propelled grenade streaks past Jack and explodes one of the CTU cars. The agents fire back at the snipers above, while another terrorist climbs into the SUV that Marwan is in and peels out. Curtis radios the agents that Marwan has escaped.

4:15 A.M.

Chloe confirms that Marwan's men were already secured in the location before the agents arrived. Marwan has ditched the SUV and she can't find him on the satellite. Tony gives the bad news to Jack, and Buchanan says that their priority is now focused on Richard Heller. Jack and Curtis head back to CTU to interrogate him.

4:16 A.M.

The President addresses the Cabinet assembled in the White House bunker on the nuclear missile threat. Speaker of the House Donald Ashton questions why the Administration is not informing the public. Logan leaves to confer with Palmer, and Ashton notices the body language between the two men. It's clear that Palmer is in the dominant, confident position to Logan.

4:18 A.M.

After discussing the fact that Jack will be torturing Audrey's brother to get information, Tony wonders whether he and Michelle can continue their relationship if they don't leave CTU for good. He asks her to quit the job that she loves so much in order to be with him.

4:20 A.M.

Richard Heller creates a scene as he is dragged into CTU. Jack enters, and Audrey begs him not to hurt her brother. She wants to talk to Richard herself. Jack allows her to take five minutes with him.

4:21 A.M.

Congressman Ashton tries to get information out of Novick about Palmer's role as advisor. He makes his feelings known that it is his role as Speaker of the House -- and not David Palmer's job -- to take over the country if Logan is not up to the task. Novick assures Ashton that Logan is in complete control.

4:22 A.M.

Novick tells Logan and Palmer about Ashton's concern over succession of command. Palmer is aware of Ashton's ambition. He could cause problems for them. Palmer suggests that they show him who's in charge.

4:28 A.M.

Audrey meets with Richard in the interrogation room. He claims he doesn't know anything about Marwan or the missile.

4:30 A.M.

James Heller arrives, and he sees that Audrey isn't making any headway. Curtis can tell from Richard's heart rate that he is holding something back. Heller goes in and demands that his son reveal what he knows. Richard finally gives up that a man and a woman picked him up in a bar a week ago. He took them home and had sex with the man. The woman might have used his phone.

4:33 A.M.

Richard accuses his father of being disgusted with him because of his lifestyle. Yet Heller is angry that Richard didn't divulge this earlier to prevent putting the whole country in jeopardy.

4:39 A.M.

Chloe finds the cab driver who picked up the couple from Richard's apartment. He drove them to a housing complex called Mercerwood. Edgar discovers that the phone call from Richard's cell to Marwan activated a listen-in so that the terrorists could hear all of Richard's calls. That is how Marwan knew that Heller was going to visit his son. When Buchanan refuses to give up Curtis to the field, Jack asks for Tony's help.

4:40 A.M.

President Logan greets his Cabinet and explains that he asked Palmer in as an advisor. Congressman Ashton is quick to question what Palmer's position will be, and Logan asserts that he will function outside the chain of command. Palmer goes on to control the meeting, and Logan puts him in his place. Palmer excuses himself from the room and the situation. This prearranged performance seems to satisfy Ashton's worries.

4:41 A.M.

Palmer walks into another office, where Novick has watched the Cabinet meeting. Novick thinks that everything went according to Palmer's plan and that they won't have to worry about Ashton anymore.

4:42 A.M.

As Tony prepares to go out into the field with Jack, Michelle tears up."I can't spend another day without you,"she weeps. They kiss, and she agrees to leave CTU for good.

4:43 A.M.

Heller lets Audrey know that Richard will be released once he identifies the suspects. She admits to her father that she feels lost.

4:44 A.M.

Jack calls Audrey from the helicopter. He expresses his feelings, explaining that he wasn't sure she would still love him if she knew everything he's done at CTU. Jack asks if they can talk once everything is all over.

4:45 A.M.

Edgar sends Jack the composite sketch based on Richard's descriptions.

4:46 A.M.

In the Mercerwood complex, a couple finishes having sex. Mandy, who was last seen slipping a toxic disease onto President Palmer's hand, tells Gary that they still have time to get to Marwan. Suddenly, Mandy hears helicopters outside.

4:47 A.M.

Jack briefs the SWAT team in the chopper using the composite sketches sent from CTU. Curtis confirms over radio that Richard is ready to make the I.D. The helicopter lands near the Mercerwood and the teams empty out.

4:48 A.M.

Mandy dresses and loads her weapons. She informs Gary that they have been found, and now one of them will be forced to stay in the apartment to allow the other to escape. She shoots Gary.

4:54 A.M.

Jack sends Tony and Agent Castle to the roof of the complex. He enters through the main gate.

4:55 A.M.

Jack and another agent break into Mandy's apartment and find Gary's dead body slumped in a chair. They send his photo back to CTU for confirmation. Jack radios Tony to look for the girl.

4:56 A.M.

Mandy climbs up to the rooftop and shoots Agent Castle in the arm. She brings Castle out at gunpoint to Tony. When Tony doesn't drop his weapon, she shoots Castle again. Tony relents, handing over his gun and radio. He offers himself up as hostage instead of the wounded Castle.

4:57 A.M.

Mandy has Castle handcuff Tony. She then kills Castle and leads Tony out.

At CTU, Richard verifies that the dead man is the one he met with.

4:58 A.M.

After getting confirmation, Jack radios his teams. Neither Tony nor Castle responds. Jack runs up to the roof and finds Castle's body. He radios that Tony is missing and could be a hostage. Jack alerts them that their transmission may be compromised. Michelle listens from CTU with fear.






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