Episode 4.10 : Day 4: 4:00 P.M.-5:00 P.M.

  • 24
    • Episode Premiere : February 21, 2005
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2001 - 2010
    • Production Company: Imagine Ent., Fox TV, Real Time
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/24/

Cast and Crew

The Story

4:00 P.M.

Jack briefs Heller, Driscoll and Audrey over the phone on the situation. He asks for a thermal SAT to scan the underground part of the building for two bodies.

4:03 P.M.

Navi drags Behrooz through the tunnels to a hospital laundry room. He calls Marwan to tell him that Dina has been captured by government agents who are surrounding him. He thinks she won't tell them anything as long as he has Behrooz hostage. Marwan says he needs an hour or two to melt down the remaining plants because CTU is blocking him from doing them all at once.

4:04 P.M.

Driscoll tells Jack that two thermo readings have popped up in the laundry room of the hospital. There's a chute that leads to that room from the third floor. Jack requests a rappelling harness.

4:05 P.M.

Upset over his mother's death, Edgar becomes lax in his work but Driscoll says that she is depending on him. Edgar thinks his programmers can slow down the Override but they cannot stop it completely.

4:06 P.M.

Curtis wheels the dead body of Powell into the interrogation room where Marianne is being held. He tells her that the same people want her dead. Marianne agrees to talk, but she doesn't know any facts about Powell or the terrorists. She does know that Powell kept the names of his contacts on his office computer. However, her thumbprint is the only thing can access it.

4:09 P.M.

Jack tells Dina that Behrooz is still alive. They need her to call Navi to distract him.

4:10 P.M.

Jack rappels upside down into the laundry chute, trying not to make any noise. When he's halfway down, he radios Tony to have Dina make the call. She tells Navi that she will keep her mouth shut until he releases Behrooz.

4:11 P.M.

Jack lands in the laundry room from the chute. As the rappelling rig is retracted up into the chute, it clangs on the metal duct. Navi hears this and goes out to investigate. Jack knocks the gun from Navi's hand, but Navi fights back. Jack is forced to head butt him to get him off.

4:13 P.M.

As Jack takes Navi hostage, Navi is hit by a bullet in the back. Behrooz fired Navi's gun. Tony barges into the room and orders Behrooz to drop the weapon.

4:14 P.M.

Dina is brought in and she sees her son is alive. Jack demands that she tell him where the Override is, but she doesn't know. She gives him an address in the Valley where she last saw the men who took possession of the Override device. Jack orders an advance team to the site, and he has the agents bring Dina and Behrooz with them until they can confirm the story.

4:19 P.M.

Curtis briefs the team about Marianne's claims. Although Driscoll wants Curtis to remain at CTU, Heller and Audrey feel that he should accompany Marianne to the computer site.

4:20 P.M.

Driscoll goes to see Sarah, who is recovering in the clinic. Although Driscoll believed she was innocent, she was forced to act upon the evidence from Heller. Sarah wants to go back to work.

4:21 P.M.

Curtis places a tracking chip on Marianne's ankle.

4:22 P.M.

Heller sends Audrey out to assist the local Defense Department office, which is overwhelmed.

4:23 P.M.

Sarah returns to her workstation and Edgar brings her up to speed on the Marianne situation.

4:24 P.M.

Jack and Tony arrive at the address that Dina provided, meeting up with the CTU backup team. They raid the house which is empty. Jack finds a hidden basement that contains schematics of the nuclear power plants, passenger manifests from the train that was bombed and surveillance photos of Heller and Audrey. Jack is in the background of one of these photos.

4:31 P.M.

Sarah learns that the owner of the building where Jack found the hidden basement is owned by a company called Galaxy Financial.

4:32 P.M.

Sarah calls Jack to tell him that the CFO of Galaxy is Paul Raines -- Audrey's husband. Sarah patches Jack through to Audrey, who doesn't believe that Paul had any part in her kidnapping. Jack wants Audrey to get Paul on his cell, but she can't give away what has been discovered.

4:35 P.M.

Audrey calls Paul, who is about to check out of his hotel. Audrey lies about rethinking their divorce and she asks him if she can come over. He gives her his room number.

4:36 P.M.

Jack orders a full forensic search of the building. He asks Tony to take Dina and Behrooz back to CTU, but Tony isn't sure he wants to return to where he was fired. Jack says that he has seen Tony come back to life while working on this case, and his assistance could help him get reinstated. Tony is moved, and accepts the offer.

4:37 P.M.

Audrey calls Jack and says that she must go meet Paul at his hotel. Jack insists that he meet her there.

4:42 P.M.

Driscoll agrees with Heller approving Tony's reinstatement. Driscoll lets him know about Paul Raines' connection to the terrorists. Heller is furious when he finds out that Audrey is going alone to meet Paul at his hotel.

4:44 P.M.

En route to Powell's office, Curtis is briefed by CTU on Paul. He asks Marianne if she is knows anything about Paul, but she claims ignorance.

4:45 P.M.

As she arrives at the hotel, Audrey gets an angry call from her father. Audrey doesn't believe that Paul would try to hurt her because he is under the impression there is a chance to get back together. She hangs up on Heller.

4:46 P.M.

Tony enters CTU with Dina and Behrooz. Driscoll gives Tony a badge and welcomes him back. She agrees to let Tony head up the interrogation. Driscoll walks away from Tony and asks Sarah to keep an eye on him in case he goes off protocol along with Jack. Sarah accuses Driscoll of only being nice to her to keep her as an ally. She believes Driscoll feels forced out of power by Jack and Tony. Sarah demands a promotion and her arrest expunged in return for her help. Driscoll agrees.

4:48 P.M.

Audrey arrives at Paul's room. He pours champagne and inquires about her change of heart."I'd hate to think you were playing some kind of game with me," he says.

4:53 P.M.

As he speeds to the hotel, Jack calls Driscoll. He requests that backup move in quickly to protect Audrey from Paul.

4:54 P.M.

Marianne and Curtis arrive at Powell's office with their backup. Curtis is suspicious, and the agents sweep the room.

4:55 P.M.

Marianne enters her thumbprint into the computer and she becomes alarmed when it asks for a second password. Suddenly, three armed men enter the room after killing the other agents. Marianne pleads that the files are still secure. They shoot her anyway, and remove Curtis's gun. An American man named Forbes questions Curtis on how far along CTU is with the investigation. Curtis doesn't answer, and the men knock him unconscious.

4:57 P.M.As Audrey stalls for time, Paul grows suspicious and becomes violent. Jack barges in with his gun at the ready."You set me up!" Paul yells to Audrey. Jack says that he wants answers. When Paul refuses, Jack punches him.






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