Episode 4.05 : Day 4: 11:00 A.M.-12:00 P.M.

  • 24
    • Episode Premiere : January 17, 2005
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2001 - 2010
    • Production Company: Imagine Ent., Fox TV, Real Time
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/24/

Cast and Crew

The Story

11:00 A.M.

Edgar tracks Kalil on the satellite. Driscoll informs the authorities that Kalil must be allowed to reach his destination. She gets a call from a local policeman who has Jack in custody. Driscoll is forced to confirm that Jack's staged robbery was part of an undercover operation. Jack insists that he be the one to follow Kalil to Heller, and Driscoll instructs the policeman to follow Jack's orders. Jack has them take the APB off Kalil's stolen car.

11:04 A.M.

Edgar taps into Kalil's phone and patches the call through to Jack. Omar tells Kalil that Heller signed the confession after he threatened Audrey's life. She is still alive.

11:06 A.M.

While chained back to back, Audrey tries to convince her father that he is not an embarrassment to the country for signing the confession. Heller knows that the terrorists will be deprived of their goals if he is not alive for the trial. So he asks Audrey to choke him with the chain from her handcuffs. She refuses to do it. Knowing she too will be killed by the terrorists, Audrey suggests breaking a gas pipe causing both of them to die. They manage to knock the faucet off so that gas leaks into their cell.

11:14 A.M.

After Curtis denies her a secure channel, Marianne demands that Edgar obtain her the access. He refuses to get it for her, so Marianne calls Driscoll with suspicions about Chloe acting with a partner to help Jack. Before she can name him, Edgar gives in. Marianne instructs him to ask Driscoll for the access.

11:16 A.M.

Driscoll tells Jack that Chloe is suspended because she went against her superior's orders.

11:17 A.M.

Driscoll goes to Chloe's holding room and offers her the chance to turn in her resignation. There would be no jail or sanctions. Chloe agrees to this.

11:18 A.M.

Dina shoots Debbie's dead body with a gun so that Navi won't know Behrooz tried to help the girl escape. Dina hands Behrooz the gun and says that he cannot destroy everything they have worked for. Navi enters and assures his son that this murder was necessary. Debbie's cell phone rings with a loud song. Behrooz sees that Debbie's mother is calling but does not answer.

11:21 A.M.

After Marianne gets her security clearance, Edgar feels his debt is paid. She tells him that she needed it to get ahead in her career. Curtis notices the two talking.

11:22 A.M.

As Chloe is escorted out of the building, she stops to taunt Sarah about her poor spying skills. Edgar pulls Chloe aside, and she assures him that she didn't name him as an accomplice."You're a geek, Edgar," she says, walking out."But you're a good guy."

11:28 A.M.

Based on Kalil's timeline, Sarah tracks suspicious activity in any of the potential destinations. Jack watches as Kalil gets stopped by three men who make racial comments to him in reference to the capture of Heller. Suddenly, a police car pulls up. Jack panics that the APB on the stolen car will detain Kalil. The cop makes the three men step aside and apologizes to Kalil for the inconvenience. Jack is patched into the highway patrol's local dispatch and tells them to have their officer let Kalil go. Kalil notices he is freed immediately.

11:33 A.M.

Kalil calls Omar and tells him how the police ran his stolen car's license plate number and then let him go. He is suspicious that he is being tailed to the compound, and says that they shouldn't take chances. Jack listens in, and knowing the psychology of committed terrorists, tells Driscoll that they need to grab Kalil now."It has been an honor working with you," Kalil says as a final goodbye to Omar. Jack speeds to catch up with Kalil, but Kalil purposefully drives head-on into an oncoming truck. The car explodes into a ball of flames.

11:39 A.M.

With the broadcast of Heller's trial approaching, Jack phones CTU and asks if they have a maximum perimeter for the site. He gives them instructions on how to scan the area using a thermal scan on the satellite.

11:41 A.M.

Driscoll excuses herself from the action on the main floor to look in on her daughter who has arrived at the CTU clinic. Curtis questions why Marianne is always chatting with Edgar. Curtis warns her to put aside her ambitions and do her job.

11:42 A.M.

Driscoll explains to the CTU doctor that her daughter Maya stopped taking her Thorazine. Driscoll realizes that Maya has no idea what's going on with Heller. She hugs her daughter, lovingly.

11:44 A.M.

Omar informs Navi that Kalil took his own life as a martyr. Navi is concerned about the computer servers working for the broadcast. Omar says that it will all go as planned. A man named Gelfand assures Omar that the case protected the package in the train crash.

11:45 A.M.

Omar smells gas, and he finds Heller and Audrey passed out in the cell. The guards revive them. Audrey recognizes Gelfand, who is worried that he will be identified. Omar is not concerned because Audrey will soon be killed.

11:46 A.M.

Edgar locates the compound on the thermal scan and passes the address and building schematics to Jack.

11:47 A.M.

An aide named Robert Franklin informs President Keeler that CTU has found the location where Heller is, but that the Secretary might be killed in any rescue attempt. Franklin says that a broadcast of Heller's execution on American soil would be the worst humiliation for the Administration. Franklin suggests a preemptive strike on the site since Heller will be killed anyway. The President is indecisive.

11:53 A.M.

As Navi and Behrooz start wrapping up the body, Debbie's mother arrives at the Araz house. She can't find her daughter. The woman hears Debbie's distinctive cell phone sound, and Behrooz tells her that he has the same ring. Navi orders Dina to follow the woman to make sure she doesn't go to the police.

11:57 A.M.

Curtis tells Jack that the hostages might be in the west end of the building. Jack wants two teams to split up when searching for Heller and Audrey, but Curtis says that the President turned down that idea. Their only priority is to get Heller.

11:58 A.M.

Omar begins the broadcasted trial with Heller."Our people will finally be liberated from the tangle of corruption," he announces on the video. Franklin informs the President that he has a laser-guided missile programmed and targeted. If Keeler gives the order, it will strike the location in ten minutes. The President gives the OK, and asks that Driscoll be informed.

11:59 A.M.

Jack reaches the site, and Driscoll tells him about the President's decision to strike the compound. Both Heller and Audrey are at risk. Driscoll warns Jack to clear the area, but he ignores her and makes his way to the warehouse.






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