Episode 3.12 : Day 3: 12:00 A.M.-1:00 A.M.

  • 24
    • Episode Premiere : February 03, 2004
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2001 - 2010
    • Production Company: Imagine Ent., Fox TV, Real Time
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/24/

Cast and Crew

The Story

12:00 A.M.

As they walk toward the briefing room, Tony is curt with Michelle about not making any mistakes while they prepare to help Jack.

12:02 A.M.

Hector, still alive, lies in a pool of his own blood. Salazar chides him for not listening. It is too risky to take him to a hospital. To end his brother's suffering, Salazar shoots Hector again to kill him. Nina says that Hector was right -- Jack is still working for CTU. Salazar warns her never to mention Hector's name again. He and Jack lead the team to the cars to meet up with Amador.

12:04 A.M.

Sherry lets Palmer know that she's leaving the office to meet someone about the Milliken information."I still believe in your presidency," she says, vowing to stop Milliken.

12:06 A.M.

Tony briefs his staff about the Posta Mita location where the virus transfer will take place. Chase will provide visual confirmation because Jack can not transmit the information. Chloe is in charge of communicating with Chase.

12:07 A.M.

In the woods at Posta Mita, Chase sets up a parabolic dish to pick up the sound. He sees Jack and Salazar pull up. Salazar orders his men to hide so that Amador doesn't see them. Nina tells Salazar that she can prove Jack is setting him up. Based on her CTU experience, she is sure that there will be a reconnaissance man watching them from the hills. Salazar sends two guards to check it out. Chase sees the men coming towards him.

12:08 A.M.

Adam goes to Kim's desk and notices the baby. She tells him it is Chloe's child, but Adam knows that Chloe never had a baby because he did Chloe's background check.

12:09 A.M.

Salazar enters the mine house and radios his two men in the field looking for the sentries that Nina described. One of the men, Pablo, does not immediately respond. Nina comments that the man must already be dead because CTU has gotten to him. But Pablo responds, telling Salazar that no one is there. Salazar orders him to hold his position. Salazar doesn't see that Chase has Pablo at knifepoint. Chase knocks Pablo out. Salazar warns Nina that she will pick up the virus from Amador. If she tries to say anything to him, she will be killed.

12:16 A.M.

Chloe comes to Kim's desk to check on the baby. Kim asks who the child belongs to because Adam says it isn't hers. Chloe admits that her boyfriend, Eric, is the father. He is trying to hide the baby from his ex-wife because her new boyfriend has been abusing the child. Chloe claims that Eric has contacted a social worker. Knowing this is kidnapping, Kim suggests she report it. Chloe accuses Kim of being at fault if something bad happens when the baby is returned to her mother. Michelle interrupts them to get Chloe back to work.

12:18 A.M.

Sherry meets with a man named Kevin Kelly in his run-down mobile home. She has proof that an account was set up in his name after his daughter was killed in a car accident. Kelly embarrassingly admits that he saw Milliken driving the car, but was paid off to keep his mouth shut about Milliken's complicity in his daughter's death. Kelly agrees to tell the truth about the accident in return for the President pardoning his son from prison. Kelly's son was convicted for murder.

12:21 A.M.

Nina presses Jack about his working for CTU. He says that she doesn't know what she is talking about. Nina knows they will both be killed once Salazar gets hold of the virus. Salazar comes in and has Nina's handcuffs removed. He sends her out to meet with Amador, warning the bodyguard accompanying her that she is to be killed if there is trouble.

12:22 A.M.

Chase sees Nina and the bodyguard leave the building. He radios back to CTU. Tony orders Michelle to send in the delta teams because the virus transfer is about to get underway.

12:27 A.M.

As Chloe continues monitoring Chase, Tony gets a call from Kim. She has something urgent to speak to him about Chloe.

12:28 A.M.

Outside the trailer, Sherry calls Palmer and asks about pardoning Kelly's son. She explains that Kelly was paid not to pin his daughter's murder on Milliken, and will now admit the truth in return for this pardon. Palmer needs time to think about this and hangs up. Wayne advises the President not to do what Sherry asks because she has her own agenda. Wayne would rather give in to Milliken's demands by submitting his resignation. Palmer is unsure what the will do about the Kelly pardon.

12:30 A.M.

Kim tells Tony that she thinks Chloe is delusional. Chloe lied about the baby and her boyfriend being the father. Kim looked into it, and found no abuse charges filed with Child Protective Services. She didn't confront Chloe because the woman is unstable. Tony, unfortunately, needs Chloe because she is the only one who can filter the audio streams from Chase. He doesn't want her distracted, and he asks Kim to watch the kid until the mission is over. Tony says they will deal with the baby once they have possession of the virus.

12:32 A.M.

Sherry goes back to the trailer but finds that Kelly isn't there. The place has been ransacked. She exits the trailer warily and heads for her car. As she searches in her purse for the keys, another car approaches. Sherry panics, but the car is driven by a harmless older couple who passes by. She catches her breath and gets into her car.

12:33 A.M.

Chase reports to CTU that Amador and his bodyguard have arrived. Jack sees the same thing from the abandoned mine house. Carrying a briefcase, Amador enters the building where Nina is waiting with her guard. She tells Amador that she will authorize transfer of funds once she verifies the virus. Amador removes a canister from the case and hands the vial to Nina. She places the vial into a spectroscope to test the substance inside of it.

12:40 A.M.

Chloe complains because she doesn't have enough audio filters, and Adam tries to help her out. Wayne Palmer calls Tony to chew him out about the secret mission. The Pentagon is furious that they weren't involved. The President will be forced to hold Tony, Jack and Gael accountable. Wayne asks that Tony walk him through the plan.

12:41 A.M.

Chase radios CTU that they are about to get authentication on the virus. Nina's spectroscope conveys that it is verified. Chase sends that news to CTU, and Tony orders the delta teams to raid the site. Amador takes back the vial from Nina, and places something in his breast pocket. She calls the bank to transfer the money.

12:43 A.M.

Amador gives Nina the briefcase and he leaves with his bodyguard. While Chase is relaying this information, static fills the line and CTU can't hear him. Chloe explains that she changed satellites in the middle of the operation without telling anyone. Adam begins to worry. They get Chase back on the line, to everyone's relief.

12:44 A.M.

Jack and Salazar see Nina coming back toward them and meet her outside. Salazar takes the briefcase and pulls out the vial. He trains a gun on Jack, saying that he is no longer needed. Chase radios to CTU that Jack is in jeopardy. The delta teams won't make it there in time to save him.

12:45 A.M.

Salazar tells Jack that he caused his brother to die. Before Salazar can pull the trigger, Chase shoots him in the shoulder. The guards open fire and Nina runs off into the woods. Jack grabs one of the guard's weapons and begins taking out the men. The searchlights from the helicopters burn down on the hillside, and Chase lets Tony know that the delta team has arrived. He runs down to where Jack is. The chopper fires missiles to take out some of Salazar's men. Jack sees Salazar rushing off with the briefcase, and he runs after him. Chase radios to CTU that Jack is pursuing Salazar and the virus.

12:51 A.M.

Sherry calls Julia, Milliken's wife. She says that she knows that Milliken is controlling, but that Julia shouldn't give everything up to get away from him. She offers Julia a way out that does not sacrifice her lifestyle. Sherry heads towards the Milliken estate.

12:53 A.M.

Chase and some members of the delta team catch up with Jack in the woods. Jack is relieved that Chase is all right. He directs the choppers to pursue Salazar.

12:54 A.M.

Jack and Chase come upon Salazar, who is bleeding from the gunshot. Salazar holds the cylinder, but Jack refuses to let the agents open fire. He begs Salazar to hand over the virus. Salazar is about to comply by placing the cylinder on the ground, but a timer buzzes. The cylinder explodes in Salazar's hands. Jack and Chase are knocked down.

12:56 A.M.

Jack takes Chase's phone and calls CTU to tell Tony that he does not have the virus. The cylinder was rigged with a bomb, which means that Amador switched vials. Tony lets him know that the delta teams have found Amador. Jack says that Nina has also escaped. She probably wasn't plotting with Amador because the bomb was intended for her. Chloe chimes in that the delta team has spotted Amador two miles west of their location.

12:56 A.M.

Captain Reiss and his soldiers stop Amador's truck and hold him at gunpoint. Amador turns his eyes to the trees nearby, and his men open fire on the delta team, swiftly taking them out. Amador smashes his cell phone, and drives away with his bodyguard.

12:58 A.M.

Adam loses Amador's cell phone signal, and Michelle gets word that the delta team was ambushed. Tony gives Jack the news that Amador escaped. He can not be tracked because he chose this location where there is no satellite coverage. Jack tells Chase that they need to find Nina.

12:59 A.M.

As he safely drives away, Amador pulls out another cylinder from his breast pocket which contains the real virus.






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