1600 Penn

Episode 1.05 : Frosting/Nixon

  • 1600 Penn
    • Episode Premiere : February 07, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: 20th Century Fox Television
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/1600-penn/

Cast and Crew

  • Director Jennifer Getzinger
  • Screenwriter Sanjay Shah
  • Main Cast

The Story

A group of protesters chants outside the White House, taking President Gilchrist to task for failing to support mass transit. Inside, the First Family is sharing breakfast. Xander arrives, looking tired and put upon. He explains that he's in the throes of a tough election for president of his school. Jessica, Xander's opponent, is in cahoots with his teacher; they've been tearing down his campaign posters. President Gilchrist explains that politics is a tough game. He points to the example of the protesters outside who hate him. Skip can't believe anyone would hate his father - and rushes outside to see for himself.

Later, Emily tells Dale that she's planning to visit Xander's teacher to see if it's true that she's siding with Xander's opponent. The President would prefer his wife stay out it, but Emily can't resist a chance to win some points with one of her stepchildren. Emily meets with Xander's teacher. The teacher makes no secret of disliking Emily's husband and claims that it's Xander who has the unfair advantage: his father is president and his stepmom is a political consultant. Emily exits and storms over to Xander's campaign table to declare that she and Xander are going all out to win the election against Jessica. She mobilizes Xander and his team, breaking down the key voting constituents at the school and working up a killer campaign speech.

Skip goes undercover outside at the demonstration but he's quickly discovered by the protesters. He tries to defend his father, but the protesters explain to him that his father is killing rail proposals in favor of highway projects. Skip's swayed and joins the cause. Marshall finds Skip and ushers him away from the crowd, looking to avoid an embarrassing incident. Skip yells to the mob that he's going inside to present their demands to the President.

Becca's bored. She tries to reconnect with friends, but all of them are off to grad school, working or otherwise moving on with their lives. She wonders if her pregnancy has made her a loser. She confides in the only person around to talk to, her Secret Service agent Sandy. Sandy nods silently. Still she's better than nobody at all and soon Becca's on a sofa pouring out her hopes and dreams. Again, Sandy looks on silently.

Skip takes his group's transportation grievances in to the President. The President explains that he's sympathetic to the need for mass transit - but that as president he needs to see the big picture and make sure the nation's roads aren't crumbling at the same time we're building for the future. Skip's mind is blown. He heads back outside to explain that the President won't be meeting their demands. But soon enough, he's flipped back over to the protesters' side. The group sings protest songs and pounds on drums along Pennsylvania Avenue. When a street cleaning sweeper comes along, Skip decides it's the perfect opportunity to make a stand. He rushes into the street and stops the vehicle head on, a la Tiananmen Square. Marshall and the President watch the spectacle unfold on TV; the President decides they should bring all the protestors inside for a discussion.

Jessica, the girl running against Xander, grows concerned that her opponent's campaign is picking up steam. Goaded by her teacher, Jessica seeks out Xander's sister, Marigold, to try to find an advantage. Marigold's completely taken with Jessica and swoons under the sway of one of the school's most popular kids being friendly to her. Jessica's sweet, but it's all in the service of politics. She quizzes Marigold to find out where Xander is keeping his top secret campaign plans and text of his upcoming speech; Marigold reveals they'll likely be in his locker. Jessica steals Xander's speech and proceeds to deliver it at the school assembly. Waiting backstage, Emily and Xander scramble. Finally, Xander puts together a heartfelt speech off the cuff. With a little help from Marigold in the crowd, the audience is soon swept up in the rhetoric. It's a rousing success.

The President welcomes the protestors into the Oval Office. One of the group's leaders explains that a new rail system needs to be a national priority while another advocates for trolleys; yet another wants to talk about a national energy policy. It's messy, but eventually the President brings everyone together, offering some hot cocoa. The President lets them know they've been heard and encourages them to keep prodding him for the causes they believe in.

Becca discusses her confidante relationship with Sandy to her dad. Dale explains that he's very close with his agent. Becca realizes that they're not really close; Sandy is just there because she has to be. Becca calls Sandy into her room and demands to know why she never talks to her. Sandy finally breaks her silence, explaining that as Becca was complaining about how her unplanned pregnancy disrupted her plans for law school and a Senate campaign run, all she could think was how fortunate Becca truly is. Sandy confesses her fear that she's unsure whether or not she'll ever have a very bright future. Becca realizes she's got it pretty good after all.

Xander's friends congratulate him on his great speech. Emily stoops down to kiss him, causing Xander to exclaim, "Stop embarrassing me mom!" He pushes Emily away, but she's truly touched: Xander's never called her mom before. We see a school news report that Jessica's been accused of stealing Xander's campaign speech; it looks like there'll be two President Gilchrists in office. Later that night, Xander compares campaign notes with his dad before heading off to bed.






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