Sexyy Red Urges Fans to Stop Asking About Her Kids' Whereabouts, Calls Them 'Pedophiles'

The 'Pound Town' raptress, who is recovering from her recent boob job, issued a PSA following inquiries about her children‘s whereabouts in a series of Instagram posts on Wednesday, June 12.

AceShowbiz - Sexyy Red wants people to stop asking about her children's whereabouts. Getting sick of people's inquiries about her family, the "Pound Town" hitmaker put those "pedophiles" on blast.

"Why [are] y'all worried about my kids? They [are] right here. [They're] cool. [They're] fed. [They're] good," the 26-year-old declared in an Instagram video on Wednesday, June 12. "Go have some kids and worry about them dirty a** b***hes."

Sexyy's young son interjected, calling out his mom for using explicit language. In response, the femcee replied, "Okay, I'm sorry... But they be pissing me off. My kids [are] right here. They [are] always with me."

The musician went on to address the public's curiosity about her personal affairs. "You don't know me," she said. "Y'all be too invested in these celebrity lives. That's just so crazy to me. I feel like that's some pervert a** s**t. Why do you wanna see my kids, b***h? You f**kin' pedophile."

Meanwhile in a follow-up post on her Instagram Story, Sexyy apologized to her son Chuckie for her language. "I'm sorry. You want me to stop saying bad words?" she asked, to which the 4-year-old politely requested she do so.

Still, the "SkeeYee" raptress half-jokingly defended her choice of words. "But bad words are fun to f**kin' say. You know what the f**k I'm sayin'?" she quipped.

Sexyy welcomed Chuckie in 2020 and her second child earlier this year. In February, she made a nod to her pregnancy in Drake's music video for "Rich Baby Daddy".

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