Lana Del Rey's Song Rejected by James Bond Movie Bosses

At an award show in London, the 'Summertime Sadness' crooner reveals she once wrote a song for the 007 franchise but she faced rejection from the movie bosses.

AceShowbiz - Lana Del Rey, known for her unique voice and melancholic music style, has recently shared an interesting revelation about a missed opportunity to contribute to the iconic James Bond film series.

While attending the Ivor Novello Awards in London, the "Summertime Sadness" singer revealed that she had written a song intended for the James Bond film "Spectre" in 2015. The track, titled "24," features on her album "Honeymoon".

With lyrics like "There's only 24 hours / And that's not enough / To lie like you lie / Or love like you love," "24" was aimed to capture the enigmatic and intense spirit of a Bond theme. However, the producers ultimately selected Sam Smith's "Writing's On the Wall," which later won the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 2016.

"I mean, how has that not happened yet?" Del Rey wondered aloud while discussing her Bond-theme rejection at the awards event. In a playful tone, she even sang a snippet of "24" and expressed her continued hope of one day penning a song for the famous spy series. "One day, maybe... Probably not. But I'm going to continue to do my little Nancy Sinatra thing every now and then and just pretend it's the title track," she reflected.

Her comments amplified a sentiment shared by many artists who have faced similar rejections. Pop star Raye, who won songwriter of the year at the same award ceremony, couldn't hide her disbelief. "I can't believe she would have been rejected by them, because she just has the perfect energy for it," Raye exclaimed.

Among the ranks of Bond theme rejects are iconic figures like Radiohead, Blondie, Johnny Cash, and Muse. Even though some of these "lost" Bond songs eventually found their way to fans, they never reached the silver screen, highlighting how competitive and selective the process of choosing a Bond theme can be.

Lana Del Rey's journey and passion for creating soundtracks provide a fascinating glimpse into the world of music and film. Even after being turned down, she remains hopeful and continues to explore her love for soundtracks, showcasing her resilience and dedication to her artistic vision.

Whether Lana Del Rey will ever get her chance to write a James Bond theme remains uncertain. Yet, her revelations add an intriguing chapter to the ongoing saga of one of cinema's most illustrious franchises. As she continues to captivate audiences with her unique style, perhaps the Bond producers will one day recognize that Lana Del Rey's haunting melodies might very well be an ideal match for 007's next adventure.

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