Billie Eilish Under Fire After Reacting to Fan Buying Album 'Hit Me Hard and Soft' 5 Times

The 'What Was I Made For?' songstress finds herself in hot water after she and FINNEAS shared their reactions to their devotee buying the record multiple times.

AceShowbiz - Billie Eilish and FINNEAS have been taken aback by how much one of their fans loves "Hit Me Hard and Soft". The "What Was I Made For?" songstress and her musician brother reacted to the devotee buying a number of the album.

Recently, the 22-year-old Oscar-winning singer and the 26-year-old artist had a fun chat with their fans through a live streaming platform. A video from the livestream was later shared via Instagram on Thursday, May 22.

During the conversation, FINNEAS seemingly was reading one of fans' comments. Noting that the comment came from an account named "Poppy loves Billie," he could be heard saying, "I bought the album five times. Please say my name."

Shocked, FINNEAS responded, "You can stop buying the album. We love you." In response to his statement, Billie quickly replied, "No, no, no, no," as she bursted into laughter. She went on to say, "Don't say that."

FINNEAS explained, "Well, he's like buying the album five times. [It] is insane." Agreeing with his opinion, Billie stated, "That's true." Later on, he appeared to have gushed over the fan, saying, "There's only one of you."

It did not take long for the post to be flooded with negative online responses from Instagram users. In the comments section, one in particular stated, "My gosh I have lost my respect for Billie and finneas these past few days." Another chimed in, "She's so desperate."

A third blasted the singer, "Sweet amazing humble brocken depressed girl begs her fans to buy her album multiple times." A fourth noted, "Not to mention Billie was talking about how she's trying to save the earth by not using vinyls and has 10 different versions of hit me hard and soft on vinyl. as much as I love Billie and this album, being a hypocrite is never a good look."

That same day, social media users noticed that "Hit Me Hard and Soft" had disappeared from U.S. iTunes. Revealing the news was an Instagram blog, which also released screenshots of the album not being found on the platform.

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