Jessica Biel Details Strong Resemblance to Rarely Seen Son Silas

The actress portraying Mary Camden on '7th Heaven' reveals that she 'gave [her] face' to her 9-year-old son, whom she shares with her singer husband Justin Timberlake.

AceShowbiz - Jessica Biel has talked about her rarely seen son's look. When making an appearance on the "Let's Talk Off Camera" podcast, the former "7th Heaven" star revealed that Silas has a strong resemblance to her.

In the Wednesday, May 22 episode of the podcast, the 42-year-old actress/model spilled that Silas is her twin to host Kelly Ripa, who told her to "have a daughter." Kelly also said that it isn't "fair that [she] should rob another woman of having that face."

In response, Jessica stated, "Honestly, I already gave my face to my son Silas." She was making a reference to her 9-year-old first child, whom she shares with her husband and singer Justin Timberlake. She went on to share, "He and I have the same face."

During the chat, Jessica, who also has 3-year-old son Phineas with Justin, discussed raising Silas. She explained, "He has a hard time sleeping. He'll be waking up in the middle of the night. His legs hurt. His back hurts. He's, you know, he looks different, right? He went from this little guy to this kind of more grown-up kid and even Justin and I are like, 'Wow, this kid is looking different all of a sudden.' "

"He's just growing," the "Limetown" star continued. "It's so amazing, so we talk a lot about that. We're talking about deodorant. We're talking about hormones in our bodies and why we smell a different way, and so we're into it and we're on the precipice of all the big conversations I think."

Jessica further elaborated, "I've definitely told him, 'Hey, I'm not feeling great today. I'm on my period and I'm just really, I'm not really that very patient, so I need you guys to be my best partners and best listening ears today.' And he'll be like, 'Oh, OK, cool.' "

"He hasn't really asked me. We've talked a little bit about tampons," "The Sinner" star added. "We've talked a little bit about what they are. We haven't gotten into the specifics, but you know, I've said, 'Hey, this is something that I need to use every time. Every month, I use this product at a certain time.' "

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