Liev Schreiber Recalls Suffering From Amnesia Due to Migraine
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The 'Ray Donovan' actor opens up about his struggle with severe headache that left him with an amnesia while he was performing a play at the Great White Way.

AceShowbiz - During a recent appearance on "Late Night with Seth Meyers," actor Liev Schreiber, 56, opened up about a terrifying experience he endured while performing in the Broadway production of "Doubt: A Parable."

Schreiber described experiencing an intense headache while in his dressing room, initially dismissing it as a minor ailment. However, as he walked downstairs, he realized something was amiss. He struggled to recall his costar Amy Ryan's name and felt increasingly disoriented.

Upon going onstage, Schreiber's memory completely failed him. "It all vanishes. The play is gone from my head. I know I'm in a play, but I don't know what play I'm in," he explained.

Schreiber's doctor and wife rushed to the theater with expressions of concern, leading him to believe he had suffered a stroke. An MRI revealed no brain bleed, and a neurologist diagnosed him with transient global amnesia (TGA).

TGA is a rare medical condition that causes sudden memory loss and confusion, often triggered by migraines, rigorous physical exertion, or sexual intercourse. It primarily affects individuals of middle or older age and resolves within 24 hours without any long-term effects.

Schreiber was skeptical of the diagnosis but experienced a full recovery after a night's sleep. He recalled feeling embarrassed and concerned that others might perceive his memory lapse as a lie.

Despite the terrifying experience, Schreiber managed to remember his lines and continue performing in the play. "I never had another problem with it," he said. "I was embarrassed and thought everyone would think I was lying and taking a night off from the theater."

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