Hannah Waddingham Confronts Photographer on Red Carpet for 'Show Me Leg' Request

The 'Ted Lasso' actress is caught on camera reprimanding a photographer asking her to show her leg when she walks the red carpet at the Laurence Olivier Awards recently.

AceShowbiz - Hannah Waddingham, known for her roles in "Ted Lasso" and "Game of Thrones," recently confronted a photographer on the red carpet at the Laurence Olivier Awards who made an inappropriate request.

As Waddingham posed for photos outside the Royal Albert Hall, the photographer allegedly told her to "show me leg." In a video shared on X (formerly Twitter), Waddingham is visibly shocked and says, "You'd never say that to a man, my friend."

"Don't be a d**k, otherwise I'll move off. Don't say, 'Show me leg.' No," she adds, walking away to the cheers of the watching crowd.

Waddingham has a history of standing up for herself. She once recalled an instance where a drama teacher mocked and insulted her in front of her class, saying she would never be successful on-screen.

Determined to prove her detractors wrong, Waddingham began working hard and secured small roles and guest appearances. However, the teacher's comments left her with a complex that she struggled to shake off for years.

Despite her eventual success, Waddingham faced a lack of leading roles. She stepped back from acting before receiving an offer for her iconic role as Rebecca Welton in "Ted Lasso," which earned her an Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

At the Olivier Awards, where Waddingham served as host for the second consecutive year, she delivered a powerful performance of "Anything Goes."

She also made headlines by correcting a mispronunciation of her name by Live From E! Countdown to the Emmys host Laverne Cox. "Waddingham," she said with a smile. "Let's get that right straight away."

Waddingham's confrontational approach to the photographer's request, along with her history of overcoming challenges, serves as an inspiring example of female empowerment and the importance of standing up for oneself.

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