Daniel Radcliffe Thought Alan Rickman Hated Him in First Three 'Harry Potter' Films
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The actor portraying Harry Potter in several movies created by the film franchise revealed that he was 'initially terrified' by the late actor's imposing demeanor.

AceShowbiz - Daniel Radcliffe, who played Harry Potter in the popular film series, recently shared a heartfelt revelation about his relationship with the late Alan Rickman, who portrayed Professor Severus Snape. On the "Happy Sad Confused" podcast, Radcliffe confessed that he was initially terrified of Rickman's imposing demeanor.

"I was so intimidated by Alan Rickman," Radcliffe said. "How can you not be by that voice? Even hearing that voice, you forget quite how low it was until it echoes through you."

However, Radcliffe's fears gradually dissipated as he realized Rickman's support and encouragement. In an interview clip played on the podcast, Rickman praised Radcliffe's dedication and talent. "These kids need directing," Rickman said of the young actors on the "Harry Potter" set. "They don't know their lines... But as much as I was doing it for seven weeks, they were doing it for 52 weeks. This was their life from 12 to 22."

Radcliffe was visibly moved by Rickman's words. "He cut short a vacation in Canada to come and see me in 'Equus,' " Radcliffe recalled. "He saw every piece of stage work I did when he was alive. He would take me out afterwards and we would talk about it."

Radcliffe added that Rickman became one of his biggest supporters, advising him on voice coaching and other aspects of his craft. "I am so lucky," Radcliffe said. "To hear him say that is really lovely."

Radcliffe's experience with Rickman extended beyond the "Harry Potter" films. In Rickman's posthumously published diary, "Madly, Deeply", he wrote about the young actors' adjustment periods and the challenges they faced. Radcliffe described reading the entries as "very lovely and nostalgic."

After "Harry Potter" ended, Rickman continued to attend Radcliffe's stage performances and offer his support. "He didn't have to do that," Radcliffe said. "Film sets and theater stages are all far poorer for the loss of this great actor and man."

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