Former HuffPost Writer Claims 'Some People' Actively Sabotage Katy Perry's Career

In an X post, the former Observer and HuffPost journalist also points out that some writers deliberately 'trashed' the 'Fireworks' hitmaker to generate more clicks.

AceShowbiz - Katy Perry's career is allegedly declining not for no reason. According to a former Observer and HuffPost journalist, "some people" are planning to sabotage the "Dark Horse" singer's career, just like what happens to Christina Aguilera.

The writer made the claims on X, formerly known as Twitter, writing, "Omg-was going to write about how unfair the press was to Katy Perry last decade then found an article I wrote that I am so ashamed of." He shared that he "joined the lynch mob, even though I gave Witness a positive review," referring to Katy's fifth studio album that was released in 2017.

Going by @MisterD80 on the app, the writer then issued an apology to Katy. He admitted, "I'm so ashamed at my former self. Sorry, @katyperry I respect you."

In another tweet, the journalist responded to another user asking why the press is against the "American Idol" judge if "shes a pretty good person." To the question, the writer explained, "From what I know, her 'downfall'--like that of Christina Aguilera--wasn't organic. It was planned by 'some people.' " He also pointed out, "And then there were writers, like me, who trashed her because it generated a lot of clicks, which = $."

That aside, Katy took to Instagram to share a hilarious video of her suffering a backstage wardrobe malfunction on "American Idol". The 30-year-old pop singer was seen struggling to take off her $7,400 Bottega Veneta dress that hugged her figure.

The video featured Katy looking gloomy as she sat in a chair with her dress hoisted upward. "I can't get this dress off," she groaned. When a crew member suggested to "cut it off," she rejected the idea, saying, "You can't just...cut Bottega...." She later joked in the caption, "We've been cutting kids on #idol but you can't cut bottega."

The clip drew mixed responses from her followers. "Oh yes really funny. Now WHERE IS KP6???" a fan commented under the funny clip. Someone, meanwhile, trolled the star, "The way she is sitting i thought she was holding her fart."

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