Rachel Leviss' Publicist Doubts Scandoval Narrative, Accuses Ariana Madix of Staging It

In an episode of 'Rachel Goes Rogue' podcast, Juliette Harris believes that the revelation of the affair between Rachel and Tom Sandoval is actually Ariana's doing.

AceShowbiz - Rachel Leviss' (Raquel Leviss) publicist slams Ariana Madix for the headline-making Scandoval. Juliette Harris believed that the revelation of the affair between Rachel and Ariana's now-ex Tom Sandoval was actually Ariana's doing.

In an episode of Rachel's "Rachel Goes Rogue" podcast, Juliette weighed in on the Scandoval, which eventually led to Rachel's exit from "Vanderpump Rules". "My theory is not going to be a popular one but I stand by it, and I will go to my grave believing it," she said on the podcast. "The Bravo sleuths are super sleuths, but women as a whole, pretty good at sleuthing."

Rachel's rep continued, "If I think my husband is cheating and I can walk right over to his side of the bed when he's asleep and can check his phone because clearly she had his password. When you drop your phone it doesn't unlock, so she had to unlock it. She unlocked it, if the story is true, to check it at that moment, why, if you suspect anything at any time."

Juliette further noted, "I don't believe that, I don't believe that's how it happened. I believe that was propped and sent, I don't know maybe she thought the day before and she told production and off they went." She added, "If you think your partner is cheating and you have access to their phone 24 hours a day, wait until they are asleep, wait until they go to the bathroom, go look at the phone, she had his password."

The publicist also accused Ariana of staging the whole thing as she couldn't believe that Tom's phone just "fell out of his pocket." Juliette additionally blasted the TomTom bar co-owner for focusing too much on his and Rachel's "brand" following his split from Ariana after nine of dating.

"He got so frustrated and he blew a gasket and was like 'I'm not going to protect her anymore, I'm out here by myself, it's them against me, I'm not going to do this anymore, I'm going to do what I have to do,' then hung up the phone," Juliette recalled.

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