Nicki Minaj Jokingly Calls Out Barbz for Not Alerting Her About Wardrobe Malfunction

The 'Starships' raptress is interacting with the audience at her show in Orlando by handing over the mic to a few fans when she unhooks one of the straps of her dress.

AceShowbiz - Nicki Minaj has been left disappointed by her fans' reaction to her wardrobe malfunction. The Trinidadian-born raptress has mocked the audience at one of her recent shows for not telling her about the embarrassing mishap.

In a video circulating online and taken by a fan during the Grammy nominee's show at the Kia Center in Orlando on Friday night, March 22, she was rocking a yellow sling dress and a matching varsity jacket. The Harajuku Barbie shared an intimate moment with the Barbz by handing over the mic so a few fans could sing along to "The Night Is Still Young".

"Do not play with me! Promise!" she warned one of the fans before handing out the mic. After being left in shock over the fan's voice, she quickly took back the mic and handed it over to another female concertgoer.

In the midst of the mic transfer, she unhooked one of the dress straps, which resulted in a temporary nip slip. However, she didn't realize she exposed her chest for a few seconds while listening to the fan's rendition of her "The Pinkprint" deep cut.

Once Nicki realized the slip up, she looked mortified and covered her breast with her hand and the jacket. "Oh my God, my boob," she mouthed in shock.

"Meanwhile my boob is out and no one f**king told me. Thanks, Barbz," she said to the crowd after finally getting back the mic. She went on joking, "My whole boob was out. See, that's what I get for talking about people."

Nicki didn't let the brief mishap interrupt her show as she continued to entertain the crowd and finished off her set that night.

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