Hilary Swank Plagued With 'Sleepless Nights' Since Giving Birth to Twin Babies

The 'Million Dollar Baby' star talks about motherhood and the challenges she is facing as a new mom after welcoming twin baby son and daughter with husband Philip Schneider.

AceShowbiz - Hilary Swank has had lots of "sleepless nights" since becoming a mom. The 49-year-old actress - who shares ten-month-old twins Aya and Ohm with her husband Philip Schneider - admits that the sleepless nights have been "hard" to cope with over recent months.

"I think that being a mother of twins, I never have had a singleton, so I don't know what that's like. But I know that the sleepless nights are hard and when you have one that might sleep through the night, the other one's not, so it's kind of this trade-off every night," the movie star told PEOPLE.

this, Hilary is ultimately determined to appreciate the different elements and challenges of parenthood. The actress said, "I know this is also a season, and it too will pass, and I try and remind myself that there's going to be a day when I'm like, 'Oh, I'd love to wake up right now and just hold you.' So just trying and hold on to that."

Hilary actually kept her twins' names private until Valentine's Day, when she shared a picture of her little ones sitting together on a beach with their backs to the camera and their names written in green sea glass.

The Oscar-winning actress - who has been married to Philip since 2018 - captioned the Instagram post, "I have a busy week of talk shows ahead where I'll be sharing about my new film and a fun partnership, but I figured what better day to share the names of my two little loves with you all first. Thanks for being here! P.S. Who else has babies that think sand is edible?"

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