Selma Blair Issues Apology to Muslim Community Over Islamophobic Remark
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The 'Cruel Intentions' actress received online backlash earlier this week after she showed support for anti-Arab immigration policies which were recently passed by Congress.

AceShowbiz - Selma Blair has apologized publicly after sparking controversy over her Islamophobic comment. Making use of her Instagram account, the "Legally Blonde" actress claimed she regretted saying that Islam "destroyed Muslim countries."

"This is a time of great pain and anguish for many around the world, but it is also a time to learn and better understand how words matter," Blair opened her statement which was posted on Tuesday, February 13. Of her comment on a post by Abraham Hamra about the Hamas-Israel conflict, she said, "I mistakenly and inadvertently conflated Muslims with Radical Islamists and fundamentalists, a terrible err in my words, and resulted in hurting countless people I never meant to, and I deeply regret this. As soon as my error was brought to my attention, I deleted the comment."

She continued, "Hate and misinformation are amplified so easily these days. This time by my own hands. In this instance, I erred in my writing and I fully recognize how I contributed to the Muslim community being understandably very upset. I respect and love all peace-loving communities, all over the world. It was my Muslim friends who helped educate and show me the way."

The "Cruel Intentions" actress also noted that she's "committed to paying forward their love and understanding." She added, "Those who know me, know that wherever I go, I try to create branches to hold onto, bridges to meet on for all marginalized communities. I am dedicated to tolerance and peace for all who want it - not hate."

Blair, who deactivated her X account in the wake of the criticism, concluded her lengthy statement, "I apologize to those in the Muslim community who I offended with my words. I apologize to my friends. And I apologize to anyone I hurt. And I will do better. With appreciation, love and respect. Selma."

In the comments section, the star garnered mixed responses. "Being of the Muslim faith, I thank you for your apology. It's good to learn from our mistakes," a fan wrote. However, one other didn't think the apology was genuine by saying, "Nah, you're only posting this cause you got called out- don't lie."

Another user, meanwhile, pointed out that Blair's initial comment was taken out of context. "It was clear you were talking about extremists. Your comment was amplified unnecessarily. Social media culture is so quick to jump on anything. You stand for so much goodness in the world it is awful the way you've been vilified," the person noted.

Blair received backlash earlier this week after she showed support for anti-Arab immigration policies which were recently passed by Congress. "Deport all these terrorist supporting goons," Blair wrote in the controversial comment on Abraham's post. "Islam has destroyed Muslim countries and then they come here and destroyed minds. They know they are liars. Twisted justifications. May they meet their fate."

In addition to Blair, actors Michael Rapaport and Debra Messing also commented on Hamra's video. Rapaport wrote in a reply, "Love it," while Messing said, "THANK YOU."

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