Cardi B and Rubi Rose Slammed by Fredo Bang for 'Trash' Contents on Adult Platform

The 'Top' hitmaker, who admits to spending some money on celebrities' pages on the adult-only platform, is disappointed with the lack of explicit contents.

AceShowbiz - Cardi B and Rubi Rose have received a complaint from a disgruntled subscriber. Having dabbled in OnlyFans business, the two creators were called out by Fredo Bang for their "trash" contents on the adult-only platform.

The 27-year-old, who isn't shy to admit that he is subscribed to many channels on OnlyFans, voiced his displease with Cardi and Rubi's contents during his appearance on "The Bootleg Kev" podcast. "I checked," he said. "I subscribed to Cardi's, I subscribed to Rubi Rose's ... I just subscribe to all these motherf**kers."

Disappointed with the lack of explicit contents on those celebrities' pages, the "Top" rhymer added, "I ain't gonna lie, the celebrities, they trash. They OnlyFans is trash. It's horrible ... If you on OnlyFans, pop it off, bruh. Don't come to play." He accused them of catfishing as saying, "I'm hating on the OnlyFans catfishes and some of the celebrities that doing it."

The Baton Rogue native went on sharing what he wishes to get by subscribing to OnlyFans page. "If you doing OF and I subscribe, I am coming to see you fully, full-blown bare with a little bit of play and sexual engagement," he noted. "If you're not doing that, you need to get off. I don't want to see you in your drawers and when I click the picture - you got the thumbnail of you waving, pulling your drawers down but when I go to the picture, it's just you talking to me."

Fredo did not reveal how much money he spends on OnlyFans, but claimed that he "supports our women." Bootleg Kev then joked that Fredo might have an OnlyFans addiction, to which he responded, "I ain't gonna lie - I be on Adderall, I be tripping. 'Cause you know you be focused. [I'll be on OnlyFans] about two, three hours then you get DMing everybody you used to mess with. Soon as you finish, you like, 'Damn, why'd I text her?' "

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