Wiz Khalifa Defends Showing Up to Son's Parent-Teacher Conferences 'High' to Be Authentic

In a new podcast interview, the 'Young, Wild, and Free' spitter, who shares 10-year-old Sebastian with Amber Rose, also claims that he is 'pretty sure' his son 'smells like weed.'

AceShowbiz - Wiz Khalifa has admitted that he attends his son's parent-teacher conferences while he is high. On the "Call Her Daddy" podcast, the "See You Again" rapper claimed that he does so because he doesn't want to show up as "a fake version" of himself.

The 36-year-old hip-hop artist made the shocking revelation in the Wednesday, January 10 episode of the podcast. He was talking about how often he smokes marijuana with host Alex Cooper. At one point, Alex asked if he has ever made an appearance at his son Sebastian's parent-teacher conferences high.

In response, Khalifa stated, "Hell yeah. I'm pulling up stoned." On the reason why, he said, "They expect it. They know what's up. It's not like back in the day [where] you're considered a bad parent if you smoke weed." He went on to claim, "I'm pretty sure my son smells like weed. I don't know because I can't smell it but I'm pretty sure he smells like pot."

The "Young, Wild, & Free" rapper further explained, "And yeah I'm pulling up stoned, I'm pulling up high because I want them to connect with the real me. They're not going to get a fake version of me or this made-up parent that society makes you think that you're supposed to be." He then stressed, "I am who I am, and it's not because I'm a celebrity or anything."

"But it's because it's really what I believe in and why not get the real me? Why would I have to change who I am or act like I'm not that just for these places that I'm going to go? That's not how I'm going to be living my life ever," Khalifa continued. He additionally emphasized, "Hell no."

Khalifa, whose real name is Cameron Jibril Thomaz, shares 10-year-old Sebastian Taylor with his 40-year-old former wife Amber Rose. The "Good Mourning" actress filed for divorce from the spitter back in 2014 after being in a marriage for 18 months. Since then, the former couple has committed to co-parenting Sebastian.

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