Brad Falchuk Open to 'Glee' Remake

The co-creator of the Lea Michele-fronted television series would 'never' rule out a revival of the show if 'there a way to tell that story in a more modern way.'

AceShowbiz - Brad Falchuk would "never" refuse to do a "Glee" remake. The 52-year-old writer co-created the hit TV series alongside Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan, and Brad remains open to the possibility of reviving the show - but only if it can be done in a "more modern way."

"I'm sure everything is always on the table, but is there a way to tell that story in a more modern way? So much of what 'Glee' was about was really this transition from an old way of looking at representation to a new way. I'd never say no, but I wonder what the point would be - except it'd be a moneymaker," Brad - who is married to Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow - told The Hollywood Reporter.

"Glee" centred on a glee club at a fictional high school in Ohio. The show ran from 2009 until 2015, and it proved to be a huge hit with viewers.

Brad shared, "None of us were prepared for that level of success. I was younger, it was a little overwhelming, and a lot of us got caught up in our egos. There was a feeling of scarcity. We were writing about high school, so it's very hard not to regress a little. It was a crucible."

"At the same time, we had so much fun and everyone got along so well. Things went to hell, and then everyone got along again. It was chaotic. I'd never want to go back there, and then I'll think, 'Gosh, I'd love to go back there.' "

Brad also learned some important lessons from the success. He said, "The biggest learning from that show? Taking the ego out of everything and being an adult."

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