Boosie Badazz Claps Back at Backlash for Walking Out 'The Color Purple' Over Lesbian Storyline

Defending his stance on the LGBTQ+, the 'Wipe Me Down' rapper insists that he has the rights to tell his children what not to watch while claiming that he's not homophobic.

AceShowbiz - Boosie Badazz a.k.a. Lil Boosie is defending himself after coming under fire for blasting the new "The Color Purple" movie over its lesbian storyline. The rapper has clapped back at the backlash after admitting that he walked out of theater while watching the movie with his daughters because it pushes the LGBTQ+ narrative.

"Why if someone doesn't agree with the [LGBTQ+] narrative that's being pushed why do y'all say that the person who doesn't agree is [LGBTQ+]," the father of eight wrote on X, formerly Twitter, in response to the criticism. "That's bullying!!"

The 41-year-old hip-hop star insisted, "We have a right as parents to say it's not cool for a 7 n 9 year old to watch this. We have rights as parents to protect our children as much as we can."

Denying that he's homophobic, the Baton Rogue native claimed, "I have no problem at all with [LGBTQ+] people. My grandad was a preacher (Southern Baptist) n I'm just tryna raise my kids with the same beliefs n respect we was raised with it's just this world will have u n a fight to do so!!"

Boosie landed in hot water after revealing that he walked out of "The Color Purple" because he didn't want his daughters to see the movie's lesbian love story. "I had to walk out this Color Purple movie (n two other older couples walked out also.) Because I had my little girls with me n it seemed like a love story!!" he tweeted earlier on Tuesday, January 2.

"Good acting but whoever wrote the script is pushing the narrative hard!! As a parent I will not let my little girl watch this film," he went on reasoning.

In Alice Walker's book, Celie, played by Fantasia Barrino in the film, embarks on a same-sex romance with Shug Avery (portrayed by Taraji P. Henson). The new movie depicts the pair sharing more than a kiss as their love affair is played out on screen. Boosie seemingly wasn't aware of the book's storyline although it was also acted out in scene from the Broadway musical and Steven Spielberg's 1985 film of the same title.

Slamming Boosie, one person wrote on social media, "U clearly never seen the first one either, AND u got a gay daughter. This tweet all over the place." Another chimed in, "Boosie, nobody gives a f**l if you walked out. Like seriously, nobody."

One other mocked the rapper, "Boosie is so dumb. I'm embarrassed to be from the same city as him." A fourth person wrote, "To Boosie, the domestic abuse, underage marriage, and assault and rape are fine but it's the women kissing that got him to walk out. All which happened before they kissed."

Someone else called him out as penning, "Boosie always proving how you don't have to be smart or educated to be successful cause the original book and movie is a black queer love story! Stop being a loser!"

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