Brooklyn Beckham Dishes on His Collection of Expensive Watches

In a new interview, David Beckham's oldest son talks about his collection of expensive timepieces and reveals that he shares the same hobby as his famous father.

AceShowbiz - Brooklyn Beckham turns to his dad for advice if he ruins any of his growing luxury watch collection. The 24-year-old, who tied the knot with billionaire heiress Nicola Peltz, 28, in 2022, says he has built up a stash of 10 timepieces including Rolexes and a Patek Philippe, but admitted his collection is tiny compared to his retired footballer dad David Beckham's.

"I love talking to my dad about watches. But he has a bit of a better collection than me, so far. Ridiculous," he told Esquire about calling the Inter Miami co-owner when he bashed his Patek.

"If I accidentally bang any of my watches I call him and he's like 'Ok - do this, do that.' He's amazing. So, yeah. We always talk about watches - and he always tells me what he has and what he's getting next."

"I bumped my Patek the other day and I called him. I was like 'Okay…' It was just a little scratch on the glass. It wasn't on the gold or anything. And he actually said, 'If you file it down or you take it to someone to get it polished out, it can lose value.' So I actually haven't got it fixed. It's, like, a tiny scratch on the glass."

Brooklyn said about David's watch collection, "I'd guess he has, like… 50? But he only wears 15-to-20. He has his favourite ones."

He added about keeping his timepieces at his bedside and wearing which one suits his different moods when he gets up, "I always keep my watches together, all 10 of them, right by my bed."

"Whatever I'm feeling that day, I wear. It is usually the Patek just because I love that watch. I love the heaviness and the weight of it. Sometimes it's the 'Batman' Rolex. Sometimes it's the Submariner. It's however I'm feeling, you know?"

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