Report: Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny 'Drifting Apart'
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The new report comes after the 28-year-old model and reality TV star appeared to hint at her breakup with the Puerto Rican musician in an Instagram post earlier this month.

AceShowbiz - There seems to be trouble in paradise between Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny. If a new report is to be believed, the supermodel and her musician are "drifting apart" after dating for a few months.

In a new episode of Deux/U podcast with Molly McPherson, Deuxmoi claimed that "somebody told me that they've heard that [Kendall and Bad Bunny] have been drifting apart." The blogger, however, didn't think that the couple has "100%" broken up "because we might see them walking out of Carbone next week."

"Whenever there is a Jenner or a Kardashian or anyone in that world. I'm sorry. It's just the hat that I wear. It's what I do for a living," Molly opined. "I'm always looking at the mutual beneficial part of the relationship that maybe they're just out of sync for the opportunity and the benefit. And again, absolutely could be real and it could be there, but sometimes it just kind of runs its course."

The PR crisis expert continued, "You can still have a relationship, like a normal relationship where you get together, you're hooking up in a corner. Yeah. You don't want to be seen or photographed, but when when you're in the celebrity realm, you're going to look for opportunities that your relationship brings you," adding that it could be a "campaign" or "buzz online." She stressed, "It's not manipulation," but rather called it an "optimization."

Later in the episode, she talked about PR relationships. "People think these relationships are manufactured in like a factory and that they like, sign their names in blood, and they go out out there on the scene and pretend to be a couple. That's what the general public's idea of a PR relationship is," she explained. "Your definition is what it actually is. So people need to stop misdefining what a PR relationship is or find a different term because they all sound like a f**king clowns."

The new report came after Kendall appeared to hint at her breakup with Bad Bunny in an Instagram post. Earlier this month, "The Kardashians" star shared a picture of a beautiful sunset while writing in the caption, "What's meant for me, will simply find me."

Fans quickly assumed that the 28-year-old beauty was suggesting that she split from the Puerto Rican star. "Sounds like a break up post," one fan wrote. "Damn bro, who hurt you!!!" another chimed in. One other believed that the Kendall and the Puerto Rican musician had split, adding, "She and Badbunny just break up."

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