Jeremy Renner Exploring 'Every Type of Therapy' Amid Recovery From Near-Fatal Snowplough Accident
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The 'Hawkeye' actor shares his long journey to recovery in a new Instagram post, nearly a year after he almost lost his life in a horrific snowplough accident.

AceShowbiz - Jeremy Renner claims the "greatest therapy" he's had since his near-fatal snowplough accident has been "my mind and the will to be here." The 52-year-old actor was rushed to hospital on New Year's Day, January 1 after he suffered blunt chest trauma and 30 broken bones after being hit by a snowplough while saving his nephew.

And the "Hawkeye" star has revealed an exhaustive list of different physical and mental therapies he's tried, but the biggest revelation of all is how determined he is to "get better" and "give back" to those who "empowered" him to "endure."

In an Instagram update, he wrote, "I have been exploring EVERY type of therapy since Jan 14th … everyday, countless hours of physical therapy, peptide injections, iv drips and pushes, stem cell and exosomes, red light / IR therapy, hyperbaric chamber 2.0 atmospheres, cold plunge, and the list goes on and on…. BUT.."

"My greatest therapy has been my mind and the will to be here and push to recover and be better…. Be exceptional… I feel it's my duty to do so. Not to squander my life being spared, but to give back to my family, friends, and all of you whom have empowered me to endure. I thank you all. #loveandtitanium. (sic)"

Jeremy recently announced that he is set to release the music collection 'Love and Titanium', a reference to the titanium plates in his body following the near-tragic accident, and the process was "deeply healing" for him.

He wrote on Instagram, "A collection of music we wrote about different milestones in my journey of recovery since Jan 1st this year. Love and Titanium has been painful, deeply healing, and ultimately cathartic for me to create."

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