Mick Jagger Admits He Gets a Little Rusty at Parenting

The Rolling Stones lead vocalist talks about fatherhood and credits Covid-19 lockdown with helping him to form a closer bond with his youngest child Deveraux.

AceShowbiz - Father-of-eight Sir Mick Jagger has said having kids is "fun." The Rolling Stones frontman had his eighth child - son Deveraux - with his girlfriend Melanie Hamrick in 2016 and Jagger has admitted he's now more relaxed about raising children since becoming a dad again in his 70s.

"You get a bit out of practice [having kids] - it's not like riding a bike. The more children you have, the more laissez-faire you get about them, to be honest," the rocker, now 80, told the Guardian newspaper.

"And it depends on the child - they have their own personalities and you can mould them to a certain extent, but you see their likes and dislikes and encourage them to do things they gravitate towards. It's fun to have children, at any age."

However, Jagger admitted he wasn't always around to see his other seven children grow up because of his commitments with the Rolling Stones, but he was able to spend two years at home with Deveraux after the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the live music industry.

He added, "If you're working, and always away, you don't get to enjoy it [having kids] quite as much. [When Deveraux was born] I wasn't working so much, so I was able to spend more time. And then we had the lockdown - he's only six, and two of those years I did almost nothing [with the band]."

As well as Deveraux, Jagger is also dad to daughter Karis, 52, with actress Marsha Hunt and Jade, 51, with his ex-wife Bianca Jagger. He shares four children with ex Jerry Hall - daughters Elizabeth, 39, and Georgia May Jagger, 31, and sons James, 38, and Gabriel, 25, as well as son Lucas, 24, with model Luciana Morad Gimenez.

Hamrick previously revealed the couple plan to travel as much as possible with Deveraux until he has to be at school full-time. In an interview with The Times Magazine, she explained they want to live "just full nomad," adding, "We want to travel as long as we can until school gets us."

She explained her son has a tutor who travels with them. He is also enrolled at a school in Los Angeles and goes to school France when they are there. Hamrick said, "I enjoy this schedule. I don't want to be tied down. London's my favourite city, so hopefully one day in the future we'll end up based here, but until then, I'm going to just keep going."

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