Naomi Watts Shares Key to Her Intimate Relationship With New Husband Billy Crudup
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The 54-year-old '21 Grams' actress reveals the key to their 'pretty great sex' while speaking at an event in the Canoe Place Inn and Cottages in Hampton Bays.

AceShowbiz - Naomi Watts is said to have told fans "communication" is the key to the "pretty great sex" she is having with her new husband Billy Crudup. The "21 Grams" actress, who married the "Watchmen" star on June 9 in a low-key ceremony, admitted they're still in the throes of their "honeymoon stage" as she opened up about their bedroom antics.

Naomi made the revelation at an event in the Canoe Place Inn and Cottages in Hampton Bays on Thursday, August 31, according to Daily Mail. The 54-year-old talked about keeping her sex life "alive" after she previously admitted to going through the menopause aged 36.

During the event, titled "Unlocking Intimacy: Navigating Passion in Midlife", the Mail added Naomi said "sex becomes more pleasurable" with age. She was on a panel with doctors Suzanne Fenske and Somi Javaid, and reportedly said, "We've heard tonight that there are complications, keeping the sex and the libido alive and everything, but sometimes people have the complete reverse effect."

"In fact, I think there was a time, generations ago, and talking about what menopause actually was... it was hysteria and some women were nymphomaniacs. Like we were just crazy old crows that wanted sex too much," she added with a laugh.

"I personally think sex becomes more pleasurable when you take out the fear of like making babies... when you know it's not the right time... like what is that expression, 'Closed for business, open for pleasure!' It feels more, 'I’m going to do this for myself'... you're more confident with yourself, you've had experience, you're wiser, you're not going to be all like, 'Oh I want to turn the lights down.' I'm newly married, in the honeymoon stage I suppose, so it might sound easy for me to say, but I do think communication is the biggest key here," she revealed.

The actress continued, "Like whatever it is you're going through, if you can talk to your partner, if you can be honest and have a really authentic conversation and take away the awkwardness, and most of the time if they're good people, they will be empathetic and that's hot, that’s really hot when you can be honest and the conversation lands really well to the point where, 'Yeah we got through the awkwardness and now like, let's kick off some fun.' "

When asked what her favorite sex position is, Naomi is said to have admitted, "On top, underneath! Right now I'm not fussy."

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