Chrissy Teigen Gets Her First Colonoscopy to Check for Colon Cancer

The 'Chrissy's Teigen' star reveals to her online followers that she has seen doctors to check for colon cancer and jokes about wearing white during the medical procedure.

AceShowbiz - Chrissy Teigen has undergone a colonoscopy to check for colon cancer. The 37-year-old model - who has been wed to "All of Me" singer John Legend since 2013 and has Luna, six, Miles, four and six-month-old Esti with him - had opted for the medical procedure which involves examining the large bowel and the distal part of the small bowel with a camera after her doctor warned her that those who are being diagnosed with colon cancer are getting younger.

"Soon there's going to be a very large jump in people my age and even a little younger getting colon cancer because we don't get checked. And we don't get checked because we're not told to. You think that your parents are the ones that get checked," she said in a video posted to Instagram as she prepared for the procedure.

"I have my first colonoscopy because I was told by my doctor that people are getting it younger and younger and they should go in earlier and earlier to get checked now."

Chrissy went on to add that she had been told to take a "wild amount" of cleansing pulls in preparation but joked that she had taken a "big risk" by wearing white pants on the day. She added, "My number one question is, you see me every day."

"I wear a black Hanro bra and black leggings every day. And for some reason, on the day that I have to take this wild amount of colon cleanse pills, I chose to wear white pants and a white bra."

"Just being a big risk-taker today. One thing that you always hear about is the crazy drink that you have to drink the night before. It's like very intense and [there's] cramping. And obviously, you have to get ready to have a camera up your butt. But now, it can be pills. So now I have to take these pills, a sip of water after every pill, and then a giant thing of water!"

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