Britney Yelled 'This Is America' in British Accent After Being Hit by Victor Wembanyama's Bodyguard

The 'Circus' singer spoke using a British accent during an encounter with the 19-year-old NBA player's entourage in one of the celebrity hot spots in the Sin City.

AceShowbiz - Britney Spears was talking "using a British accent" just moments before she was allegedly slapped in the face by Victor Wembanyama's bodyguard. The 41-year-old pop star had seen NBA player Victor, 19, heading into the Catch restaurant in the Las Vegas resort ARIA on Wednesday, July 5 and is thought to have been approaching him for a picture when his bodyguard hit her in the face and now eyewitness Brian Grajales has claimed Britney had "infiltrated" her way into his circle just before she was allegedly hit.

"Wemby was walking into ARIA heading to Catch when there was a fan who afterward we found out was Britney Spears was approaching him with a British accent saying 'Excuse me, sir, excuse me, sir!' " Brian told TMZ.

"She just kept trying to go towards him when eventually he was heading with his entourage into the restaurant, into Catch, that's when Britney infiltrated her way into the circle and that's when one of his bodyguards gave her a backhand slap across the face."

"She was approaching him, like I said, a British accent saying 'Excuse me, sir!' and I guess trying to get his attention for possibly a picture but when they walked right into the Catch restaurant, that's when she leaned in and got her way into this circle. She started to put his hand on his back shoulder or his back - he's pretty tall, so towards his back and that's when the bodyguard just turned around, slapped her face, and knocked off her sunglasses."

"I saw the hand but I also heard the slap. It was his hand that hit her face and her sunglasses flew off. I don't think she fell, at that point, there was a lot of commotion with people in the way but I don't recall seeing her fall to the ground, just seeing her go to the side and hunch over."

Brian went on to explain that the "Piece of Me" hitmaker was then escorted out of the vicinity and retained her faux British accent as she screamed "This is America!" and was still "hanging around" the restaurant when he left but made an attempt to cover her face with a hat.

He added, "I didn't know it was Britney til this morning. Victor walked right into the restaurant and kept going. A couple of people stayed behind sort of to, I would say, to check on her. I'm guessing they didn't know it was Britney so just to restrain this person from getting any closer. That's when they walked her out of the restaurant and she screamed - using a British accent - 'This is f****** America', it was an angry tone."

"We didn't see her at that point walk in but when we finished our meal and walked out, she was still hanging around and I guess she had a group of people around her. And then she walked through ARIA covering her face with a hat."

On Thursday, it was claimed by TMZ that the incident had become a "criminal investigation" and authorities are said to be taking things as "serious as a heart attack" before noting that the case is "likely" to be referred to the District Attorney, and that law enforcement officials were due to meet with the Lousiana native to discuss things further.

The outlet obtained photographs of Britney - who is said to have been "swarmed" by fans as she made her way to the establishment - approaching Victor from behind as they both headed toward the entrance to the restaurant and a source claimed to the outlet that she went up to tap him on the shoulder in the moments leading up to the alleged incident taking place."

After viewing legal documents for the case, TMZ claimed that it was Damian Smith - who serves as the Director of Team Security for the Spurs - who carried out the alleged assault.

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