Liam Gallagher Won't Call Noel About Oasis Reunion Because He's Called Him 'Many Times' Before

Liam insists he will reunite his 'Wonderwall' band on his own terms amid back-and-forth verbal spat between him and estranged sibling/bandmate Noel Gallagher.

AceShowbiz - Liam Gallagher claims he's called estranged brother Noel Gallagher "many times" about reuniting Oasis - despite his sibling suggesting that all it would take is for him to pick up the phone to him or his management. The legendary Britpop group's former frontman has spoken out in his first interview after Noel, 56, dared Liam, 50, to pick up the phone and call him to pitch his reunion idea.

"He's gonna have to call me," Noel said to Seattle station 98.9 KPNW. "He's gonna have to get somebody to call me because he's been going on about it for the last 10 f****** years, or whatever it is. He doesn't want it. And he knows that neither of us are particularly f****** interested in it."

"I know he doesn't want it, I'm very comfortable with what I'm doing, I couldn't give a flying f*** one way or the other. But he keeps going about it, so OK, f****** call us then, let's see what you've got to say, you've made up all these imaginary ground rules down the years and told kids, it's happening, it's happening now, it's coming, it's definitely happening, blah, blah, blah."

"I dare him. I f****** dare you to call me. You won't call me, because if you do call me and I go, 'Actually, that's a good idea. Actually, that might work.' Then the a*** falls out of his trousers, because then he's got to be in the same room as me, and we both know how that ends up. So call me. Stop tweeting, you're bigger than that, you're better than that."

Liam is adamant that he will get the "Live Forever" group back "on his own terms" after Noel left on "his terms" when he announced his departure from the group after a backstage bust-up between the pair at their final concert in Paris, France, in 2009.

Hosting BBC Radio 2 with Jo Whiley, Liam told the broadcaster, "Our kid has been called many times about getting the band back together, it just so happens that this time he wants it when he's got an album out."

He continued, "The way I see it, it ain't happening. I won't be calling him and he'll be calling me. He split the band up on his terms and I'll be getting it back together, on my terms. I'm a reasonable person, but I'm very good friends with the universe and we have ways of making it happen because it'll come down to him calling me."

Liam has accused his arch-nemesis sibling of "throwing" him and their bandmates "under the bus" and claimed everyone in the group could do with the money they'd make from a reunion. He confessed, "I've still got the hump with it because he threw his younger brother under the bus and I've still got bills to pay as well and so did everyone else who worked for (Oasis)."

The rock & roll star added that it's not just about getting the "Wonderwall" group back together, as he misses his older sibling and would love for them to have a relationship after more than a decade of estrangement. He added, "I'm not a**ed about the band, the band will get back together when it gets back together but it'd be lovely for brothers to be talking."

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