Lydia Knight Reacts to Her Ex Dylan Minnette Debuting New Girlfriend on Social Media
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Months after her romance with the '13 Reasons Why' actor came to an end, The Regrettes frontwoman sits alone in her car with breakup song 'Dancing On My Own' playing in the background.

AceShowbiz - Lydia Knight seemed to have reacted to her ex-boyfriend's move in debuting a new girlfriend on social media. Nearly six months after her romance with Dylan Minnette came to an end, the lead vocalist of The Regrettes shared a video of herself with "Dancing On My Own" playing in the background.

On Saturday, June 10, the 22-year-old singer posted a TikTok video of herself looking upset inside a car. All the while, the verses of Robyn's breakup song, "I'm in the corner watching you kiss her," narrated the short clip.

Lydia's TikTok video quickly garnered her fans' attention. Many guessed that the singer was reacting to her ex's Instagram post in which the "13 Reasons Why" actor let out a photobooth strip of himself kissing model Isabella Elei. In one photo, he and Isabella could be seen sharing a kiss, while in another, he gave her a kiss on her forehead.

Finding Lydia's experience relatable, many TikTok users flooded her post with comments. One wrote, "The realest video on this app." Another confessed, "I saw the post and immediately [upset face emoji]." A third thanked her, "Thank you for showing your authentic self. It's unrealistic to be happy all the time & act like everything's okay. Thank you for showing us it's ok to."

Aside from the post she made on her own account, Lydia also made use of her band's TikTok account to upload another clip of herself. This time, she was captured smiling and showing her thumb up to the camera. However, she wrote in the caption, "Me practicing my 'I'm fine!' faces for when i socialize later."

Lydia announced her break-up from Dylan back on December 8, 2022. At that time, she noted on Instagram Story, "I've seen a lot of speculation and I'd rather just clarify: Dylan and I have decided to end our romantic relationship. We love and care about each other very much and that won't change as we enter a new phase of our lives. please respect our privacy during this time."

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