Meghan Markle Sends Desperate Texts to Ask People to Hang Out With Her
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In other related news, Prince Harry and Meghan are allegedly planning to make another documentary and this time is about the Duke of Sussex's late mother Princess Diana.

AceShowbiz - Meghan Markle reportedly is trying to find a place in Hollywood. Hollywood broadcaster Tim Dillon claims that the Duchess of Sussex has been sending desperate texts to ask people to hang out with her and leave her husband Prince Harry at home.

According to The Sun, Tim calls the mom of two and the British prince "low grade-reality stars." He says, "All they want to do is hang out with celebrities. I was at a party the other night talking to somebody about these people and it's just constant with them. [Meghan] was texting the person I was with there."

"The point is they just won't stop, these two," he continues. "They're like low-grade reality stars trying to attach to anything. I'm literally at the party and they are showing me texts of this woman begging people to like 'hang out,' she is trying to get places."

Tom goes on joking that he "respects the hustle," though he points out that the whole situation is "sad" and it "isn't working." He shares that people are not interested in hanging out with the former "Suits" actress, saying, "A lot of people at this party were like, 'We text her back, she's a duchess, but we've had enough.' "

Meghan's hustle apparently works sometimes as it's said that she often goes out and parties in Los Angeles alone. Society journalist Petronella Wyatt wrote on her Twitter account on May 12, "Friends of mine who live near Harry and Meghan are always bumping into Meghan at parties these days. Strangely, she tends to leave Harry at home."

In another tweet, Petronella added, "La Megs has become pally with someone from a very famous American family, whose wealth surpasses that of the Windsors." She later mocked Meghan for receiving a Women of Vision Award, saying, "Her tally is in danger of overtaking that of both Einstein and Nelson Mandela. Why is Meghan a woman of vision, anyway? Tunnel vision would be a better description."

In other related news, Prince Harry and Meghan are allegedly planning to make another documentary. "The exploration of Harry's past is nowhere near done," Kinsey Schofield, host of the "To Di For Daily" podcast, told Fox News Digital, adding that the documentary will be about his late mother Princess Diana. The royal commentator also claimed that he's possibly shopping around the film rights to his memoir, "Spare".

Kinsey additionally shut down reports that the couple is done with the tell-alls because there is "nothing left to say." He said, " 'There is nothing left to say' is a factually inaccurate declaration. Prince Harry himself told The Telegraph that he held back revelations in 'Spare' to protect his father and brother. This portion of his interview was instantly interpreted as a potential threat that Harry could continue to spill the tea."

Christopher Andersen, author of "The King", said it's more likely the pair might stop criticizing the royal family, though he doesn't expect them to "truly step back." He told Fox News Digital, "There are issues and causes and awards and red carpets and ongoing lawsuits and grievances aplenty to keep them in the public eye. There's a huge difference between stepping back and vanishing. Harry and Meghan wouldn't disappear from the public eye even if they knew how. They are born headline-grabbers."

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