'Power Book II: Ghost' Stars React to Final Episodes Leak

In response to the leak, the hit Starz's show's executive producer 50 Cent as well as its stars and collaborators take to their social media account to express their surprise and frustration.

AceShowbiz - "Power Book II: Ghost" is the latest victim to leaks. On Sunday, May 14, fans got early spoilers as the final two episodes of the Starz's show leaked online, much to a lot of people's dismay.

In response to the leak, "Power Book II: Ghost" stars and collaborators took to their social media account to express their surprise and frustration. Executive producer 50 Cent was among those who ranted over the leak. Blasting the network, the rapper wrote on Instagram, "Give it up for the only network that leaks its biggest shows. Great work guys!"

Woody McClain, who plays Cane on the series, joked, "Feeling like Cane cause i know who leaked." Brayden Weston depicter Gianni Paolo, meanwhile, commented, "This the dude who previously leaked the episodes to mess with our massive ratings.. Anyway."

Fans also took to social media to react to the leak. "Y'all might as well leak Ghost power book II season 4 then," one fan said. "Y'all MF's are stingy as hell with that Power episode 9 leak. I can't believe this s**t. Somebody send me the link please. Lol."

"Me avoiding all the leaks and spoilers from the last 2 episodes of Power #PowerGhost," another fan added. Someone commented, "Power is the only series that consistently leaks from year to year it never fails. S**t is the mixtape of television #PowerGhost #PowerBook2."

Thankfully, it seems like the leaked episodes won't literally be the last episodes of "Power Book II: Ghost". Back in January, it was reported that Starz renewed the show for a fourth season.

The leak wasn't the only drama surrounding the hit series. Recently, T.I. was replaced by Method Man on the show allegedly due to his beef with 50 Cent. T.I., however, denied the claims in an interview with Tony the Closer.

"50 and I we were executive producers on a different show outside of the 'Power' universe. But nah, me and 50 cool," the Atlanta rapper explained. "I think I'm the only one who is not offended by his brash approach and he's not offended by mine. So, you now, we play rough but ain't no issue. It's a mutual respect, though."

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