Jason Momoa Strips Down to Birthday Suit in NSFW Video

When taking a part in Men's Health video series, the 'Aquaman' actor can be seen riding a mountain bike in the nude as he shows off his home in Australia.

AceShowbiz - Jason Momoa has left little to the imagination in a new NSFW video. When filming for Men's Health video series titled "Gym & Fridge", the "Aquaman" actor treated his fans to the clip of him stripping down to his birthday suit.

The 43-year-old actor made an appearance in the Thursday, April 27 video wearing only a pink fluffy robe and a shark-tooth necklace. His private part was covered simply by a graphic of a Meili Vodka bottle. Kicking off the four-minute footage, he quipped, "If I knew you were coming, I would have gotten dressed up."

The "Dune" star went on to offer viewers a tour of his present Australia home that includes a warehouse, commune and gym. For the first stop, he showed off the inside of his refrigerator where one could find all the drinks needed for a "growing boy," as he claimed.

Through the clip, Jason's fridge could be seen filled with Mananalu canned water, a Polynesian traditional dish of mashed taro named poi, and a grip load of Guinness. Other things found inside included dog bone, Kodak film "for art," as well as kava.

Jason then continued showing off his gym. There, he revealed that he liked to start his workout by mentally moving the weights. On the reason why he always went with kettlebells for his go-to equipment, he explained, "I travel with kettlebells, they help me with my core."

The former "Game of Thrones" star additionally shared that bands and boxing also assist him in remaining thin and focused for his hard action scenes.

Elsewhere in the video, the "Fast X" actor showed off his collection of mountain and riding bikes. At one point in time, he hopped onto one bike entirely naked after taking off his robe completely. "Yeah I like to mountain bike, like to go downhill fast," he stated.

Jason has not been shy in showing off his buff physique. In March, he sent the internet buzzing with a risque video. More than a year prior, he also stripped down in one of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" interviews. At the time, he went on a fishing excursion only in his underwear and while cutting off his distinctive long hair.

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