Reginae Carter Retracts Allegations That Rickey Smiley Defames Her and Beau Armon Warren

Lil Wayne's daughter denies that she's mad at the comedian after Rickey and his 'Morning Show' crew reported about her hand injury while mentioning rumors of domestic violence in her relationship with her boyfriend.

AceShowbiz - Reginae Carter has walked back on her allegations that Rickey Smiley slandered her and boyfriend Armon Warren. The social media personality has denied that she's mad at the comedian after he reported about her hand injury on his radio show while mentioning rumors about domestic violence in her relationship with her beau.

In the Friday, April 7 episode of "The Rickey Smiley Morning Show", Rickey and his crew were discussing speculation that Armon abused Reginae as she has been nursing a hand injury. The show later played audio of Reginae's denial.

"Not y'all still asking what happened to my hand," Reginae was heard saying, claiming that she sprained her hand after falling on the set of her upcoming movie. "I was on set of my movie and I fell the wrong way, and that's what happened and I sprained it."

"One thing I don't play about is abuse," she stressed. "My man don't ever put his hands on me, so don't you ever make that wild statement up. Because one thing about it, these hands might be a little injured, but they work, for you. Don't play with me."

Responding to Reginae's explanation, Rickey said, "Oh wow...well yeah, set the record straight. If somebody is just sitting up there just making accusations of her boyfriend. That's crazy."

Reginae, for some reasons, thought that Rickey suggested her relationship with Armon was plagued with domestic violence. "Seek help Da,m!!! One thing I don't play about is defaming someone's character. Esp people who I love," she tweeted after the show aired.

The daughter of Lil Wayne added in a separate tweet, "I'm so drained with the internet tbh. I've grown up in this industry and watched it mess up so many friendships and relationships over lies and bulls**t. Two young people in love, getting to their money, and minding their business ruffle too many old mfs feathers."

Echoing his girlfriend's sentiment, Armon replied, "Like this s**t is sick." He also wrote on his own page, "@RickeySmiley Love The Show Brother. Can y'all not put a narrative on me that I hit or abuse my girlfriend. It was brought to my attention on live radio you are implying I'm abusing my girl ON THE RADIO tho. It is completely false. The fact it's a radio station is crazy."

Rickey later denied that he and radio show's crew were slandering the couple. He posted on Instagram audio of the conversation and wrote, "Since there have been false reports regarding what was said about @itsreginaecarter and @armon.warren on the show this morning, here's the full audio from @toinethedon's #TeaParty…"

"The Rickey Smiley Morning Show" also posted the same audio on its Instagram page and captioned it, "The #RSMS family loves #ReginaeCarter and are happy to see her thriving.⁣ Domestic violence is a matter we take very seriously.⁣ If you're in need of help, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233⁣."

Following Rickey's clarification, Reginae has retracted her allegations against Rickey. "I will never disrespect @RickeySmiley ! I was not talking about him ! I grew up with his kids ! I'm talking about fans that are making things up !" she wrote in a new tweet.

Reginae Carter's Tweets

Reginae Carter denied being mad at Rickey Smiley.

The 24-year-old, however, fumed about the lack of media coverage on positive news about her, claiming, "Filming a movie ? No post … sold out my line ? No post … but let it be bulls**t ... oh yeah they gonna run with it."

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