Ice Spice's Chain Snatching Claim Is Hoax

A source familiar with the 23-year-old 'Boy's a Liar Pt.2' hitmaker dubs claim that a group of men snatched the 'Munch' femcee's chain nothing but an online hoax.

AceShowbiz - Ice Spice's chain is not stolen. If a new report is to be believed, claim that a group of men snatched the 23-year-old "Boy's a Liar Pt.2" femcee's chain was nothing but an online hoax from clout-chasers.

According to TMZ, someone who knows the rapper claimed the "Queen" chain, which the perpetrators said they stole from her, doesn't belong to her. The men also appeared to try to chase some clout by making false claims about the "Munch" hitmaker.

Underneath their viral TikTok video, a user, who is seemingly one of the guys, claimed the whole drama was a joke. In response to fans showing concern, the user commented, "The amount of y'all who believe this is insane it's a joke lol." The prankster additionally wrote in another comment, "Ever heard of a joke."

The clip surfaced online on Wednesday, March 29. It saw an individual claiming to have snatched Ice Spice's chain. One of them later appeared on the camera to mock the "In Ha Mood" rapper. "Ayo listen man, we got Ice Spice's chain," the unidentified man said, "Stop playin' with me, pull up."

The man later made fun of the Bronx-bred rapper's flow. "Come to the bla-duh-duh, come get ya ched-duh-duh," he jokingly rapped, imitating her verse on "Boy's a liar Pt.2", which also featured PinkPantheress.

Some fans, however, called it cap after watching the clip. "Y'all believe anything... when did y'all ever see ice spice with a 'queen' chain ?? That's not hers," a fan opined. Another fan condemned the behavior, "So you're tough because you snatched Ice Spice's chain? Or are you cool now? Does it make you gangsta? Trying to figure out what bragging about it on camera does for you exactly."

"Them n***as that's acting like they snatched Ice Spice chain is by far the weirdest s**t ever….. Why do a lot of you n***a be so pressed to make us men look bad fam?" someone else echoed the sentiment.

Ice Spice, meanwhile, has yet to personally address the alleged theft.

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