Samara Weaving Compares Her First Day on Set of 'Scream VI' to 'First Day of School'
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The new member of 'Scream' franchise felt like the 'new girl on the first day of school' but quickly felt at ease with the other cast because they were so welcoming.

AceShowbiz - Samara Weaving called herself the "new girl on the first day of school" when she got to work on "Scream VI". The "Ready or Not" actress plays Laura Crane in the latest installment of the slasher franchise and, though she was nervous about joining established cast members Courteney Cox, Jenna Ortega, Hayden Panettiere, and Melissa Barrera, she was relieved everyone was so welcoming towards her.

"The cast is such a sweet group of people and they've worked together before so there was this feeling of being the new girl on the first day of school. We all went out to dinner and they were so welcoming and just a great group to work and be on set with," she told Australia's Marie Claire magazine.

Samara admitted the original "Scream" film was one of her inspirations when she made her first horror movie, "Ready or Not", back in 2019. She said, "The original is so good. I love the two killers, but I especially love Drew Barrymore in the opening sceneā€¦ It's definitely one of my favourite movies now."

While the actress was just four years old when "Scream" hit cinemas in 1996, she had another scary experience visiting the cinema that year, a family outing to see Glenn Close in "101 Dalmatians".

She admitted, "I couldn't sit through it. My parents took my sister and I, and I got so scared that mum had to take me out and we sat in the lobby eating ice cream while my dad and sister watched the rest of the movie."

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