Nicki Minaj Alleges Other Female Rappers' Labels Pay for 'Diss Tweets' to Bring Her Down

The 'Super Freaky Girl' raptress makes such comment during a listening session of her latest song 'Red Ruby Da Sleeze' with Rah Ali on the Stationhead app.

AceShowbiz - Nicki Minaj has made some serious allegations. The Trinidadian hip-hop star said that she believes some other female rappers' labels pay for "diss tweets" aimed at her to bring her down.

On Tuesday, March 7, the "Super Freaky Girl" raptress and Rah Ali hosted a virtual listening event for the femcee's new song "Red Ruby Da Sleeze" on the Stationhead app. During the talk, the Harajuku Barbie gave her thoughts on the current state of the rap game.

"As you rap and you write, you get better. And you get better every day," the 40-year-old femcee said. "I think the thing is, now, because of the...I think I mentioned this before, the micowaveability of TikTok artists getting deals, Instagram people getting likes or Twitter people...girls' labels and management companies paying for viral tweets and paying for Nicki diss tweets and all that."

Nicki went on elaborating, "So, now, it's kinda like, if I don't remind them that we're actually here to rap, who will? And then, on top of that, don't ever put me in the same muthaf**kin sentence."

The "Super Bass" artist then noted, "Don't use my name for any examples. You have to write your verses, period. And I say that with love because I think that now people are feeling pressure of having to, I don't know, do things so fast."

Elsewhere during the chat, Nicki also revealed "Red Ruby Da Sleeze" is not the official single for her upcoming album, which will be the follow-up to 2018's "Queen". " 'Red Ruby [Da Sleeze]', I dropped is as a itty-bitty just something," she added. " 'Cause I know it's gon' go off on tour, it's gon' go off on y'all. It's just rapping. But the album, obviously, I have to drop my official single for the album. Red Ruby's not the official single for the album."

Earlier this month, Nicki told her fans that her new song "Red Ruby Da Sleeze" was going to have "ghost writers all around the world" scrambling. She wrote via Instagram on March 1, " "#RedRubyDaSleeze tmrw night. ghost writers all around the world are scrambling [laughing emoji] Just watch. Nicki still on hiatus. This [email protected] right here tho? She outside."

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