Jude Law and Nicholas Hoult Signed on for True-Crime Movie 'The Order'

The 'Contagion' actor and the 'Renfield' star are set to share screen in an upcoming thriller which is based on a book titled 'The Silent Brotherhood' about a white supremacist group.

AceShowbiz - Jude Law and Nicholas Hoult are tapped for "The Order". The pair have been added to the cast of the true-crime movie that is being directed by the acclaimed Australian filmmaker Justin Kurzel.

Based on "The Silent Brotherhood", the book by Kevin Flynn and Gary Gerhardt, the thriller is expected to chronicle the crimes of the titular white supremacist domestic terror group.

In 1983, a series of increasingly violent bank robberies and armoured car heists frightened communities throughout the Pacific Northwest in the United States. Baffled law enforcement agencies are desperate for answers and a lone FBI agent (Law) based in sleepy Idaho comes to believe that the crimes are not the work of traditional criminals but instead a group of dangerous domestic terrorists, inspired by a radical and charismatic leader (Hoult).

Production on the movie will begin in Alberta, Canada in May. Oscar-nominated writer Zach Baylin has written the screenplay.

Kurzel has experience in the crime thriller genre having previously worked on movies such as "Snowtown", "True History of the Kelly Gang", and "Nitram".

Nicholas will play the title role in the upcoming film "Renfield" and had a ball portraying the long-suffering servant to Dracula (Nicolas Cage). The 33-year-old star said, "Being in the same room with Nic Cage, I mean that's a trip."

"But being in the same room as Nic Cage whilst he's dressed as Dracula and tormenting you as Dracula and you're his servant is really some of the most fun I've ever had onscreen whilst being tortured. It's really brilliant."

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