People Enraged After Finding Out 'Family Guy' 'Disrespectful' Diss Against Nipsey Hussle

Some Internet users are mad after an episode of the fan-favorite animated TV show making a 'corny' joke about the rapper, who died in a shooting incident in 2019.

AceShowbiz - Fans on social media were upset after an old episode of "Family Guy" which featured an apparent dig at late rapper Nipsey Hussle, resurfaced online. The episode, which originally aired in April 2021, saw Peter and Lois meeting a group of people who headed to music festival Quachella.

"Oh, music festival, huh?" Peter said while enjoying his time on swimming pool. "You think the von Trapps'll stick around to pick up their award this time?" he added.

One of the men later replied, "I don't know about them, but they're gonna have holograms of [Tupac Shakur] and also Nipsey Hussle, who I'd never heard of and then was told to care immensely about."

The remark about Nipsey, who was gunned down on March 31, 2019, didn't sit well with people as they deemed it "disrespectful." One Internet user wrote, "At no point did I claim that it is the MOST disrespectful, but that it simply is... Disrespectfully unfunny and corny that is."

However, some others defended the show. "If you think this is distasteful... whew...Wait until you guys find out about South Park. God Bless," one fan said. Another added, "Y'all definitely don't watch the show cause that's nothing they drag every race and culture lol."

Some people also pointed out that the joke was more of a diss for people with fake love for Nipsey. "They really don't listen to our music and it's a lot of black people who also didn't tap into Nipsey until he died," one fan wrote. "I mean they being honest half yall aint know who he was n they known for being outta pocket sooooo take the joke n carry on," another comment read.

Echoing the sentiment, someone said, "I mean let's be real y'all really didn't care about Nip while he was here it's a sad truth, ppl give FAKE LOVE once you're gone."

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