Beyonce Defended by LGBTQ Activist Ts Madison Amid Backlash Over Her Dubai Show

The 'RuPaul's Drag Race' judge insists that the 'Crazy in Love' hitmaker loves the LGBTQ+ community and claims everyone would do the same if they're offered a huge paycheck.

AceShowbiz - Beyonce Knowles has divided her fans following her private show in Dubai. While many were raving over her performance, some people criticized her for performing in a country, United Arab Emirates, with horrible anti-LGBTQIA+ laws.

Ts Madison is one of those who have come to Bey's defense. Speaking to TMZ virtually as a member of that group herself, the reality TV personality jokingly said, "Who mad at Beyonce? Who?" while rolling her sleeves as if she's ready to fight.

"Listen, we were talking about it this morning in our other meeting," one of the interviewers told Ts. "There are a lot of fans who just feel like she- the word that was used was that 'she sold out.' That's the phrase people are using. What is your take on this, and the LGBTQ community, do they have a right to be upset with her?"

The LGBTQ activist said in response, "Beyonce is a superstar. People go to Dubai for many different reasons, and a lot of LGBTQIA people go to Dubai for a lot of those reasons." She added, "You know, Beyonce went there for some of those same reasons. She went there to make her money."

The trans actress insisted that Beyonce has always supported the community. "Everybody that loves Beyonce and everybody that knows Beyonce knows that Beyonce loves the community," she claimed. "And not just loves the community. She dedicated an entire album which is, like, the album of the year to her fans, to the people that she loved. So, I personally saw it as: she went and got her bag."

The interviewer then retorted, "But that does sound like it's kind of the definition of selling out," to which Ts responded, "I wouldn't say she sold out because she loves her fans." She went on claiming that people would do the same if they're offered a huge paycheck, "But tell me, I wanna ask any one of those folks over there if there were given $24 million- I heard it was $35 million. That's what I heard."

"Any one of those girls would put on their wig, hair, makeup, lashes," the 45-year-old continued. "And run right over there to the Atlantis Hotel and gather their 35 million dollars and come right on back home. It's still the same love for her fans. I'm not mad at her getting her money. She didn't wave anti-LGBTQ flags, you know? She put on a concert, she got her money, and these were her fans."

And Ts believes that the controversy wouldn't hurt Beyonce's reputation, because she's known for her works for the community. Ts pointed out that the R&B diva dedicated her latest album "Renaissance" to the group and her gay uncle.

Ts doubled down on her opinion on her Instagram post. Sharing a video of her interview, she wrote in the caption on Monday, January 23, "Listen some of y'all in the LBGTQ need to stop it!! @beyonce went and Gathered her bag just like some of y'all do when you fly over there and 'vacation' or 'work'. Girl bye these were my thoughts and I spoke from MY PERSPECTIVE not the entire Community MY PERSPECTIVE."

Beyonce performed at the Atlantis The Royal hotel's opening on Saturday, local time. She brought along her daughter Blue Ivy Carter onstage to perform their collaboration "Brown Skin Girl" and belted out a cover of Etta James' "At Last" before delivering rendition of some of her hits, including "Beautiful Liar", "Halo" and "Crazy in Love". It marked her first live show in almost five years.

While Ts defended Bey, "RuPaul's Drag Race" star Kitty Scott-Claus threw shade at the "If I Were a Boy" hitmaker as tweeting, "Hi I have a question.. can someone explain why everyone was cancelling David Beckham the other month but now celebrating Beyoncé for performing in Dubai? One rule for one and one for another?"

LGB Alliance co-founder Bev Jackson said the British advocacy group was deeply "disappointed" by the concert. Inside Hook Managing Editor Bonnie Stiernberg tweeted, "idk, if I already had $500 million, I don't think an additional $35 million would be enough money for me to go perform the album I dedicated to my gay uncle in a country where being gay is still punishable by death."

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