Prince Harry Brags About Targeting King Charles' Car With a Fighter Jet During Practice Attack Drill

The 38-year-old royal recalls in his memoir 'Spare' the time he sent a Typhoon fighter after his dad vehicle in Norfolk while the prince was training for combat in a hotel room near King's Lynn.

AceShowbiz - Prince Harry targeted his father's car with a fighter jet before "sparing him" in a practice attack drill. The Duke of Sussex said in his "Spare" memoir the craft was sent after then-Prince Charles' vehicle in Norfolk while Harry, 38, was training for combat in a hotel room near King's Lynn.

Mail Online reported on Thursday, January 12, he said about sending a Typhoon fighter after his dad, "RAF Marham had received dozens of complaints. Sandringham was supposed to be a no-fly zone. All complainants were told: Such is war. I loved seeing Pa, loved feeling his pride, and I felt buoyed by his praise, but I had to get back to work. I was mid-control, couldn't tell the Typhoon to please hold on a moment. Yes, yes, darling boy, back to work. He drove off. As he went down the track I told the Typhoon: New target. Gray Audi. Headed southeast from my position down track. Towards a big silver barn oriented east-west. The Typhoon tracked Pa, did a low pass straight over him, almost shattering the windows of his Audi. But ultimately spared him. On my orders. It went on to blow a silver barn to smithereens."

Former soldier Harry, who controversially used his autobiography to boast he killed 25 Taliban insurgents during his second tour in Afghanistan, qualified as a co-pilot gunner in February 2012. Known as Captain Wales in the army, Harry helped provide helicopter support to the International Security Assistance Force and Afghan forces operating in Helmand province. Based out of Camp Bastion, 662 Squadron Army Air Corps, he flew more than 100 missions over 2,500 flying hours.

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