Jonathan Rhys-Meyers Signed on for WWII Horror Movie 'Operation Blood Hunt'
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The 'Damascus Cover' actor has been tapped to star in an upcoming World War II horror movie, which is described as 'Predator meets The Dirty Dozen meets Underworld.'

AceShowbiz - Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is set to star in upcoming World War II horror film "Operation Blood Hunt". The 45-year-old actor will share screen with former UFC light heavyweight champion and actor Rampage Jackson in the upcoming movie, which has been described as " 'Predator' meets 'The Dirty Dozen' meets 'Underworld' ".

According to The Hollywood Reporter, " 'Operation Blood Hunt' follows prolific expert of the occult and whiskey, The Reverend, who accompanies a ragtag group of military rejects to a remote South Pacific Island to investigate the disappearance of Marine units stationed there in 1944, said to be at the hands of the Japanese Imperial Army.

"Upon speaking with the island's inhabitants, the group soon discovers the Marines had actually been massacred by a group of Lycanthropes, known to most as Werewolves."

Director Louis Mandylor recently wrapped filming on the movie - based on a script from Brandon Slagle - in Bangkok, Thailand.

Meanwhile, Jonathan recently wrapped filming on "Clean Up Crew" alongside Antonio Banderas and Melissa Leo. The Yale Entertainment action-crime thriller, directed by Jon Keeyes, was filmed in Ireland.

Yale's Jordan Yale Levine and Jordan Beckerman said, "We're excited to work with this legendary all-star cast on what will be an edge-of-your seat, action-packed film. We're certain that Jon Keeyes will deliver a uniquely thrilling cinematic experience."

The movie tells the story of a crime scene clean-up crew who find a briefcase full of money, which sees them go up against Banderas' mobster boss character.

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