Jo Koy Explains Why It's 'Not That Hard' to Remain Friends With Chelsea Handler After Their Split

The 'Easter Sunday' star is determined to set a good example for his son by keeping a civil relationship with his former girlfriend following their separation.

AceShowbiz - Jo Koy has no trouble remaining friends with Chelsea Handler after their breakup. Previously dating the former "Chelsea Does" star, 47, for just under a year between 2021 and 2022, the 51-year-old comedian - who was previously married to artist Angie King and has 19-year-old Joseph with her - explained that he wants to be a "role model" to his son following the split.

"It's not that hard. It's just, especially when you have a kid - I have a son - and when you go through a breakup you want to be a role model as well," he explained when asked how he manages to maintain a friendship with Chelsea. "You lead by example and you don't want him to do that."

The "Easter Sunday" star went on to explain that he is still "best friends" with Angela following their 2013 divorce and revealed that she still has the keys to his house for so she can look after the property while he is away.

Speaking on "The Kelly Clarkson Show", he said, "Like his mommy, it's like we're best friends 'til this day, we are best friends." He shared, She lives right in front of me."

"I have a house and that's where she lives. She's got all the keys to my cars, the codes and everything. When I'm on the road I don't have to worry about anything. It's healthy. It's so healthy and it can work. You guys were friends before, you can be friends after."

Without giving a reason for the split, Chelsea previously said, "I'm okay. I feel, you know, optimistic about the future now. I've changed so much and my love was so big that it just blew me open."

"And as painful as the ending of something like that is, I'm so well-versed in therapy and understanding that every door shutting is a new beginning and I do believe it. I still believe that my person is coming, whether that is Jo Koy at a certain time or if it's not, I accept that. I love him and he's in his own path."

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