Nicki Minaj Hits Back at Hitmaka After He Disagrees With Her Ghostwriting Claim: 'Man STFU'

In a new episode of Queen Radio, the Young Money femcee claims that all ghostwriters right now are making other female rappers sound like her and that they're 'a Nicki fan.'

AceShowbiz - The internet is buzzing about Nicki Minaj's latest claim about ghostwriters who make female rappers sound like her. Soon after learning of the claim, Hitmaka hopped on Instagram to express his disagreement with Nicki but the Young Money rhymer quickly slammed him.

"Man STFU. this is what happens what y'all post a snippet & dont post my complete mothaf**king thought!!!!!! I can give you 10 diff lines that came out THIS YEAR ALONE that is almost an exact REPLICA of a line I F**KING ALREADY SAID!!!" the Trinidadian femcee wrote on Instagram on Friday, September 9. "BUT IF I DO THAT YALL PANTIES GON BE IN A BUNCH."

Nicki added, "you posted a snippet and didn't let me finish my thought. I specifically SAID THAT just on 'we go up' LONE, lines have already been used ALMOST WORD FOR FKNG WORD." The "Super Bass" raptress later insisted, "IM A WRITER. even s**t that came out last night. If you don't know what is going on, kindly STFU. Y'all don't have to comment on things y'all don't fkng understand. If you want me to pull receipts, I CAN."

Nicki then shared "a little bit of tea," saying that she knows "some of these ghost writers personally" and that "they r Nicki fans." She continued, "The rest of them used to be tweeting me, dm'ing me. They all fans," before concluding, "So leave me alone before y'all start having melt downs AND IDC WHO MAD."

Things began after Nicki appeared in the September 9 episode of her radio show, Queen Radio, to celebrate the release of her girl power-filled "Super Freaky Girl (Queen Mix)". In the radio show, the "Anaconda" spitter said that every ghostwriter who writes for women is her fan. "It's because everybody that is a ghostwriter right now in hip-hop is writing for any female, not just the artist, but the ghostwriter is a Nicki fan, too," she explained.

"Every ghostwriter that writes for women, before they write that muthaf**kin' verse, they think, 'What would Nicki Minaj say?' And if you disagree with that or dispute that, you're f**king dumb," Nicki continued.

Nicki also said that she's not actually "talking about all the female rappers." She went on, "Shout out to all the queens, all the female rappers that's puttin' in that work. I'm never talkin' about y'all, I'm never referring to y'all. Y'all never have to feel like I'm directing this to [you]. No. Y'all know me better than that. Never." She added, "I'm addressing the ones that's got to be addressed. What I'm saying is this…and I've been talking about this for 15 years, so I'mma talk about it."

Nicki's statement on the radio show was later posted by The Neighborhood Talk on Instagram. Then, Hitmaka hopped in the comment section to respond to the "Anaconda" raptress' claim. "Disagree. She got her own flow," the "Thot Box" rapper stressed, "[she] can't be duplicated. I can't name a girl who sound like nick." He then pointed out, "And I've worked with EVERY girl."

Of Nicki's "Super Freaky Girl (Queen Mix)", it boasts guest appearances from City Girls rapper JT, BIA, Katie Got Bandz, Akbar V and Malibu Mitch. "Ayo, this the Queen Mix right here. Miami, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, New York … stand the f**k up," Nicki says to introduce the track.

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