LaToya Jackson's Ex-Fiance Shuts Down Allegations He Stole Michael's Private Stuff

Jeffre Phillips issues a declaration denying the accusations after he's sued by the Michael Jackson estate for allegedly stealing the star's clothes, driver's license and iPhone among others.

AceShowbiz - LaToya Jackson's ex-fiance Jeffre Phillips has reacted to accusations that he stole late Michael Jackson's personal stuff just days after his death. Jeffre issued a declaration denying the allegations after he was sued by the Michael Jackson estate for allegedly stealing the star's clothes among others.

According to Radar Online, the estate claimed in a lawsuit that Jeffre stayed in the pop star's home for 9 days following his death in 2009. The estate alleged that during his extended visit, he took clothes, handwritten notes, a briefcase with business and personal letters, Michael's driver's license as well as his iPhone.

Denying the allegations, Jeffre issued a declaration in which he insisted that the claims are not true. He began his declaration by detailing his relationship with LaToya, whom he dated from 1995 through 2015. He said, "We were engaged to be married during the last one and a half years of our relationship. Throughout our relationship, we lived together, worked together, toured together, starred in our own reality show together and operated as a single-family unit."

He went on to note that he developed a close relationship with the Jacksons, including Michael's mom Katherine Jackson, when he was dating LaToya. "She treated me like a son, the Jackson siblings' treated me like a brother and their kids treated me like their uncle," Jeffre explained. "They still speak to me as family when they see me. I was a big part of the Jackson family."

"I chipped in and assisted with many family affairs, in addition to business and personal matters whenever I could. This included assisting Janet Jackson with business affairs as well as attending holiday family dinners and other types of family gatherings," he added.

Of the stealing accusations, Jeffre claimed that Katherine asked him and LaToya to come over to the home after MJ was rushed to the hospital. "For several days, we stayed at the Carolwood House, during which time at least a dozen family members came and went, some of whom took items from the house," he recounted.

He also said that Katherine asked him and LaToya to remove any personal belongings that they could take, "given it was a rental property that would be locked up shortly." They later "gathered what personal property we could, such as Mr. Jackson's phones, Driver's License, and the clothing he wore on the night he passed amongst several other personal items."

When he asked Katherine what they should do with the items weeks later, Katherine allegedly told him to keep them. "I have never sold a single Carolwood Item nor have I publicly displayed them. I have never lied about having the Carolwood Items or otherwise concealed the fact that I kept the Carolwood Items in storage. Jackson family members knew I had these items," Jeffre said.

"This entire ordeal has taken a significant mental and emotional toll on me. It has affected my personal life, my business and peoples trust in me," he shared. "Had the Estate simply asked for the property and not resorted to the premeditated set-up and bullying tactics, I would have called LaToya to inform her that the Estate was requesting the items, and the two of us would have then called her mother. Although the property was given to me and belongs to me, I would not have refused a request for the property from the Jackson family."

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