Pete Davidson Flashes Smile and Gives a Thumbs Up After Kim Kardashian Split
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The 'Saturday Night Live' alum seems to be in good spirits as he's photographed on the set of his upcoming movie in Australia, days after news of his split from the reality TV star broke.

AceShowbiz - Pete Davidson may be still nursing a broken heart, but he doesn't let it show. The comedian appeared to be in good spirits when he's spotted several days after news of his split from Kim Kardashian broke.

The Staten Island native was pictured on the set of his new movie "Wizards!" in Cairns, Australia on Thursday, August 11. When noticing the paparazzi, he flashed a big smile and happily gave a thumbs up to the camera, signaling that he's okay.

In the photos obtained by Daily Mail, Pete wore a casual outfit that day, consisting of a green tank top with the number one printed on it along with white basketball shorts. He accessorized with a green baseball cap along which he wore backwards and large sunglasses with clear frames featuring a pink-ish hue.

The 28-year-old finished off the look with a pair of green and pink Adidas slide sandals and black socks. He was holding a paper in one hand and puffing on a cigarette before getting in front of the camera. He was also seen waving and smiling to his fans on the set.

This is a contrasting mood to what Pete displayed a few days before. On Sunday, August 7, he looked downcast during a shopping spree at a Target store in Cairns Central Mall. Wearing a black tracksuit and a matching baseball cap, the funnyman kept his eyes shielded from the sun with a pair of reflective sunglasses.

News of the end of Pete and Kim's relationship first surfaced last Friday. It was reported that the long distance between them due to work commitments and their age gap factored in their split.

"When she was in Australia, as much as they had a great time, they also had some very deep talks that led them to them ultimately deciding to break up," a source told HollywoodLife, referring to Kim's visit to Pete in Aussie before their breakup. "There were a lot of things stacked against them. There's still a huge attraction between them and a strong connection so it's not like it ended badly but at this point Kim seems clear that it's over."

"Pete being so far away in Australia put a lot of strain on things, the distance hasn’t been easy to navigate," the so-called insider further explained. "Pete wanted Kim to stay in Australia with him for an extended amount of time and she just isn't at a place in her life where she can do that. And the thing is Pete is only getting busier so it's not like this issue is going to go away. They had to face some hard truths, one being that they're in different places in their lives."

Another source added that Kim and Pete are in very different places in their lives to sustain a relationship. "With Pete, Kim does not want the same things as him right now. She has children and, although she would be open to having more, that is not her priority. She loves being a mother to her kids, but they are all at the age where she doesn’t have to baby them," the source dished, adding, "Pete is younger than her by 12 years and although age is only a number, it does carry with it certain things that make her and Pete not relatable."

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